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  • FTP Plugin for WP DB Backup Plugin v0.8.6

    Sat, 26 Feb 2011 21:58:12 +0100 | FTP Plugin for WP Database Backup Plugin | Link | Tim B.

    This version recognizes the commentmeta table as a default db table of WP and is compatible with WP 3.1.
  • WP AddQuicktag(s) to the WYSIWYG-Editor v0.5

    Sat, 26 Feb 2011 19:57:42 +0100 | WP AddQuicktag(s) to the WYSIWYG-editor | Link | Tim B.

    This version comes with some updated processes and is compatible with WP 3.1.
  • Custom Field List Widget v1.2.2

    Sat, 26 Feb 2011 18:04:27 +0100 | Custom Field List Widget | Link | Tim B.

    This version comes with two improvements [read more ...]
  • podPress 8.8.8 Release Candidate

    Sat, 04 Dec 2010 15:26:04 +0100 | podPress | Link | Tim B.

    podPress 8.8.8 is going to be ready soon and a first Release Candidate is available.

    Version 8.8.8 includes besides some bug fixes also diverse new feature and rearrangements:
    • fully customizable Podcast Feeds with file type filter
    • The Feed Buttons widget was modified accordingly to these new capabilities and has now the possibility to define custom button URLs and alternative Feed URLs (e.g for Feedburner URLs). (The presentation of these new options is made with jQuery UI elements.) NOTICE: Please, check the Feed/iTunes and the widget settings of podPress after the upgrade to this version.
    • a new feed button for the Premium Feed
    • multiple Feed Buttons and XSPF player widgets in combination with WP 2.8 | NOTICE: after installing v8.8.8 due to the massive modifications on both podPress widgets you will need to add the widgets again to your sidebars. The widgets will try to take over the old settings as far as possible.
    • the customization of the XSPF player is different now but hopefully more comfortable for multi site blogs. Please, read the instructions in the new podpress_xspf_config-sample.php file an in the widgets settings.
    • CategoryCasting Feeds have a file type filter
    • possibility to add the CategoryCasting Feed to the sidebar via the Feed Buttons widget
    • option to deactivate the statistic dashboard widget of podPress
    • the color maps for the player customization is now converted to numbers instead of static English descriptions
    • all image file which are 80x15 buttons for Feeds have a new name scheme: feed_button-{name of the feed}.png
    • redesign of the Feed/iTunes Settings page
    • bug fix: for a JS problem with the new input field ids of the category form in WP 3.x
    • bug fix: minor fixes for the CategoryCasting feeds
    • bug fix: non-ASCII characters in the ID3-tags will be displayed properly
    • bug fix: improved support for media files with names with non-ASCII characters and white spaces
    • bug fix: the default video player preview image setting from player settings page works as the preview image proposal for video player previews of new posts
    • bug fix: whether podPress shows the player elements while only the short version of a post is visible or not does not longer depend on a certain CSS class of the [read more ..] element (Thanks to dayanayfreddy for the bug report and the patch)
    • bug fix: although it is very recommended to use podPress in combination with the most current WP version, this version includes several bug fixes for problems with older WP versions.
    (8.8.7 was only available as beta version resp. as preview for some features of 8.8.8)

    If you discover a problem with this release candidate then please let me know e.g. via this forum thread.
  • Custom Field List Widget v1.2 beta

    Sat, 04 Dec 2010 15:25:32 +0100 | Custom Field List Widget | Link | Tim B.

    I will publish a new version of the Custom Field List Widget soon. But you can already try the new feature with the beta version.
  • v0.4 of WP AddQuicktag(s) to the WYSIWYG-Editor

    Sat, 04 Dec 2010 15:25:10 +0100 | WP AddQuicktag(s) to the WYSIWYG-editor | Link | Tim B.

    Version 0.4 of the WP AddQuicktag(s) to the WYSIWYG-Editor Plugin is now compatible to WP 3.0.x.
  • podPress 8.8.5 released

    Sat, 04 Dec 2010 15:24:37 +0100 | podPress | Link | Tim B.

    Today, I released podPress 8.8.5. This version comes with a lot of bug fixes and adjustment to current WordPress versions. It is compatible up to WP 3.0. podPress has also some new features. You can find a full list of the changes in the new Changelog.

    If you discover a problem with this plugin then report it in the WP.org "Plugins and Hacks" forum and tag your post with the tag "podpress".

    All phrases in podPress are now ready for translation. Prepared .mo and .po files are in the package of v8.8.5. If you have a translation or if you have questions, please send an email to podpress [at] web.de

    I have already started to make a German language file: podpress-de_DE_885_19072010.zip.
  • new plugin for debbuging plugins and themes in WP 3.0

    Sat, 04 Dec 2010 15:24:23 +0100 | general | Link | Tim B.

    If you run WP 3.0 and you get messages like "The plugin generated 2533 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice "headers already sent" messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin." then you can uses this plugin to print the original message(s) which have e.g. 2533 characters into a log file. (These message might occur if you set the constant WP_DEBUG = TRUE.)

    • use ONLY with WP 3.0 (upcoming WP version might have build in such output function (see this proposition))
    • install and activate this plugin
    • insert in line 63 of /wp-admin/plugins.php the lines:
      if (function_exists("printphpnotices_var_dump")) {
    • (re-)actvate the other plugin which causes the messages
    • look into the log file (printphpnotices_log.dat) which is in the folder of Print PHP Notices plugin

    You can download Print PHP Notices here.
  • podPress 8.8.5 RC 2.1

    Sat, 04 Dec 2010 15:23:59 +0100 | podPress | Link | Tim B.

    podPress is going to become marked as stable very soon. But one or two minor issue needs to be reviewed first.

    Follow the discussion here and here.
  • podPress 8.8.5 beta 12

    Sat, 04 Dec 2010 15:23:38 +0100 | podPress | Link | Tim B.

    Beta 11 and 12 include a lot of fixes for problems with the "Play in Popup" and YouTube videos which occurred especially in (old) IE browsers. Furthermore beta 12 incudes bug fixes for problems with the new bot list functionality.
  • podPress 8.8.5 beta 9

    Sat, 04 Dec 2010 15:23:28 +0100 | podPress | Link | Tim B.

    I believe that this is probably the last beta version and that the next Development Version will be a Release Candidate.
    Beta 9 brings some HTML and CSS modifications specially on the post/page editor pages and compared to earlier beta versions the way the plugin determines the upload directory is now compatible with older WP versions again. Furthermore the process of the file size and duration determination has been improved a little bit more.

    Please, test the Development Version and tell me your experiences.
  • podPress and WP 3.0 Multi Sites

    Sat, 04 Dec 2010 15:22:51 +0100 | podPress | Link | Tim B.

    Today, I made some further changes to podPress Development Version. podPress 8.8.5 beta 7 which is the current Development Version should be compatible and usable with WP 3.0 in the new Multi Sites mode.



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