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  • Custom Field List Widget

    This plugin creates sidebar widgets with lists of the values of a custom field (name). The listed values can be (hyper-)linked in different ways.
    One possibility is to create a list of all values of a custom field (name), which will be groupped their post (or page) and (hyper-) linked automatically to this post (or page).
    Another possibility is that you can create a list of all unique values of of a custom field (name) and specify links as you like (or not).

    In other words: This plugin allows you to create lists of one category of meta information (on each list). The custom field names and values can be used as categorizable tags and with this plugin you can create lists of tags of one category.

    One example of usage could be: a list of the guest names of your podcast episodes. (with the default tags you can set the names as tags but the names will probably be mixed with other content describing tags)

    This plugin supports multiple widgets (You can have more than one list at the same time in one sidebar.) and uses the jQuery framework (which is delivered with WP automatically) to make the hide and show effects e.g. of a parted list (if the browser of a visiter of your does not allow or support Javascript the full list will be visible).
    Furthermore this plugin has got a Add On for the famous K2 theme. You can use it with the K2 Sidebar Manager.

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    Lists with more than one hierarchy level

    (since v0.9.5)

    You can define several custom field names for a post. The values of these custom field names will be taken from the data base like they were arranged in columns side by side. All the values will be sorted by one of these columns. You can choose which column resp. custom field name should be the sort criterion. Further it is possible to hide this column (which should be decisive for the sorting) in the list in the sidebar.


    An easy to understand example is probably a list of posts which are categorized by special dates. In this example the custom field names are "realdate" and "datename". As "realdate" you set good sortable text strings or numbers like 20091005 (consists of year, month, day) and as "datename" you can set e.g. "October 2009" which is probably not in the same way sortable as the numbers. This way you can of course build probably more useful lists. A more colourful case of use which works this way is probably if you make list of posts grouped by a none-Gregorian calendar. You can use as datenames e.g. names of months and years of the Chinese calendar. In this example the "datenname"s would be the main list elements and the post titles sub elements of them. The "realdate" would be hidden via the option "hide this".

    If you want to create a more sub-divided list (instead of "datename" something like "year", "month", "day") then you should keep an eye on the right hierarchy order. (e.g. 0. "realdate" (sort by / hide this), 1. "year", 2. "month", 3. "day"). The post titles will be sub elements of "day" and "day" will be sub elements of the months and so on - in the list in the side bar widget. (But for this special case there other plugins like [Collapsing Archives](http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/collapsing-archives/ "Collapsing Archives on wordpress.org"))

    Other and even better examples (in English) are the book lists at the weblog of Larry Wilson. He makes list of the books he has read.

    There are some basic things you should be aware of:

    • Overall you can use 5 hierarchical levels (if you want to have more then write me an email).
    • Every post you want to have in the sidebar list should have the same custom field names (The custom field values can differ from post to post.)
    • The custom field name which should be excluded from the list should be the first or the last in the list on the widgets page (on the admin site).

    Usage of "sort values by the last word"

    (available since v0.7)

    You can influence which word the last word is by using a underline character between the words. If you make a underline character between two words it will be seen as one word.


    names with more than one first and family name

    Jon Jake Stewart Brown
    the last word is Brown

    Jon Jake Stewart_Brown
    the last word is "Stewart Brown"

    The a underline character will not be displayed in the sidebar.


    • English,
    • German,
    • Bulgarian - provided by Peter Toushkov,
    • Hindi (complete until v1.1.7) - provided by Kakesh Kumar,
    • Danish (frontend only) - provided by Peter Kirring,
    • Russian (only for v0.9.4.x) - provided by Michael Comfi,
    • Uzbek (only for v0.9.4.x) - provided by Alisher Safarov


    • WP 2.7.x - 3.1.x
    • a widget supporting theme


    • latest version


    • put the files and the folders from the .zip-file into a separate folder in the main plugins folder (e.g. /wp-content/plugins/widget_custom_field_list) of your weblog

      The files which will delivered with the newest plugin version:
      customfieldlist-de_DE.mo (German localization file)
      customfieldlist-de_DE.po (German localization file)
      customfieldlist-dk_DK.mo (Danish localization file)
      customfieldlist-dk_DK.po (Danish localization file)
      customfieldlist-bg_BG.mo (Bulgarian localization file)
      customfieldlist-bg_BG.po (Bulgarian localization file)
      customfieldlist-hi_IN.mo (Hindi localization file)
      customfieldlist-hi_IN.po (Hindi localization file)
      customfieldlist-ru_RU.mo (Russian localization file)
      customfieldlist-ru_RU.po (Russian localization file)
      customfieldlist-uz_UZ.mo (Uzbek localization file)
      customfieldlist-uz_UZ.po (Uzbek localization file)

      custom_field_list_k2_widget.php (move this file into the /app/modules/-folder (e.g.: /wp-content/themes/k2/app/modules/) of the K2-theme if you are using the K2 theme with the old sidebar manager or the comparable plugin)

      readme.txt (all about this plugin)
      license.txt (license of the plugin: GNU GPL v2 in English)

      (Since WP 2.7 you can upload the .zip-file at once and the files will be put in the right place automatically.)
    • activate the plugin

    update to a new version:

    • deinstall the old plugin
    • install the new version
    • activate the plugin


    • deactivate the plugin
    • (The options of the plugin in the options table of your weblog database going to be removed automatically during the plugin deactivation.)
    • delete the folders and files of the plugin (don't forget the file from the K2 theme folder if you have used that.)

    new features and changes

    in version 1.2.4:

    • a security update

    in version 1.2.2:

    • the size of the fullscreen box is now defined by the size of the browser window (and not by the screen size)
    • the lists will contain at all times only posts which are available for all users (post_status="publish")

    in version 1.2.1:

    • bug fix: fix for the syntax errors which occured only in Internet Explorers

    in version 1.2:

    • new feature: There are two possibilities to handle long custom field values and post titles when the list is displayed as a dropdown menu. One possibility is to display the dropdown list in a Thickbox fullscreen box on a mouse click on the list in the sidebar. The other possibility is to shorten (limit the number of characters) the values itself.
    • new feature: now, it is possible to sort the custom field values alphabetically or by post date (sort criterion)
    • Bugfix: multiple minor bugs are fixed
    • Bugfix: the plugin contains now a fix for a problem which occured on some PHP 4 installations with error message "Error establishing a database connection"

    in version 1.1.7:

    • Bugfix: all hyper links will be created with get_permalink instead of the GUID value of an article

    in version 1.1.6:

    • Bugfix: fixed a problem with the settings page of this plugin. Users will need the capability "manage_links" to access this page. (In older version it was Level 8 which means Editor and an editor can manage links. (User levels are deprecated.))

    in version 1.1.5:

    • Bugfix: fixed wrong function name: attribute_escape instead of attributes_escape

    in version 1.1.4:

    • a different way to escape the link titles

    in version 1.1.3:

    • the way, how the language files are loaded, has been updated
    • since the "each element with sub elements" option is an option for "simple list" as well as for "Drop Down Menu", it haved moved a little bit
    • if the header of the widget is empty then there will be no empty header-tag

    in version 1.1.2:

    • Danish translation for all frontend text elements - provided by Peter Kirring
    • I have enhanced the German language files and switch from the old translation of custom fields "Spezialfelder" to the new one "Benutzerdefinierte Felder".

    in version 1.1.1:

    • bug fix for v1.1 - additional Javascript to enable/disable the checkbox in case the option "sort the values by the last word" is in use

    in version 1.1:

    • fix: This version contains fixes for the sorting order options.

    in version 1.0:

    • Version 0.9.9 came with the new drop down menu option but it was only possible to have the values displayed like with the option "each element with sub elements" and there was no way to change by a setting on the widgets page. That is different in version 1.0. In that version you have to select this option actively.
    • additional CSS definition for the drop down menu width (=100%)
    • the widget_custom_field_list.css file contains now predefined CSS definition for making the clickable elements in the drop down menus look like links (<a> elements) (the color definitions are for the default themes)
    • all clickable drop down menu elements have the class "customfieldlist_opt_link"
    • new function: it is now possible to sort the post titles (which are sub list elements) alphabetically (only in combination with the "standard layout" list type)
    • fix: "sort the values by the last word" works with "standard layout" list type again
    • small clean up of enqueue_script action

    in version 0.9.9:

    • new list appearance option: now it is to display the data in a drop down menu (see an example)
    • new feature: you can group the custom field values by thier first character
    • internal changes of the way the list with individual linked list elements
    • possibility to leave the widget header/title blank
    • minor Javascript fixes

    in version 0.9.7:

    • this version adds the Javascript for the lists effects to the page heads only outside of the admin site

    in version 0.9.6:

    • new feature: you can now choose the type of the pagination of the list parts if you use the option "show only a part of the list elements at once". You can choose between pagination with consecutive numbers and several types of strings.
    • new feature: now it is possible to fade in the number of sub elements of a list element.
    • new feature: possibility to select the Hide/Show symbols (if a list element has sub elements)
    • new feature: possibility to select the Hide/Show effect speed
    • fix for a bug in the pagination while the list type "a list with manually linked values"
    • fix for the highlighting of the pagination
    • fix for invalid usage of the attribute "name" with list elements
    • better escaping of the link titles
    • replaced some hard coded db table names with dynamic ones

    in version 0.9.5:

    • new feature: you are free to define more than one custom field name and print e.g. a list with several hierarchy levels. Further you can select one of these custom field as an order column.
    • added Hindi language files (Thanks to Kakesh Kumar)
    • several small bugs fixed. the plugin is again useable with the IE.
    • (Russian and Uzbek language files are not updated, yet - I'm hoping that this change until with the next version.)

    in version

    • new feature: you can choose the sort sequence (ascending / descending)
    • small bugs fixed. the plugin is again useable with the IE
    • added Uzbek language files in the wordpress.org repository (Thanks to Alisher Safarov)

    in version 0.9.4:

    in version 0.9.3:

    • added a new layout option to the widgets preferences: you can create a list of all (unique) custom field values of a custom field (name). Each value can be linked individually to a post or a page or to something else.

    in version 0.9.2:

    • Fix for v0.9 and v0.9.1: I have changed the HTML structure of the widgets setting form. That corrects a problem which appaers if your weblog runs on a Windows server. These changes inluding little changes in the language files, too.

    in version 0.9.1:

    • Fixed: hardcoded foldernames replaced with a dynamically solution

    in version 0.9:

    • added a new layout option to the widgets preferences
    • bulgarian localization (Thanks to Peter Toushkov)
    • a lot of bugs fixed including a better support for non-English character sets (Many thanks to Peter Toushkov for the diligent testing and reporting)

    in version 0.8.1:

    • added an error message for the case that no values in connection to the choosen custom field name can be found
    • changed a description (widgets page)

    in version 0.8:

    • support for multiple widgets
    • some bug fixing (parted list feature)

    in version 0.7:

    • new feature: "sort values by the last word"

    in version 0.6:

    • first release

    Usage and screenshots:

    The guest list example - full list is visible. (If no Javascript is available the list looks always in this way.)

    The guest list example - only a given number of list items are visible (If Javascript is available the list can be parted like this. The plugin uses for that the jQuery which is delivered with WP)

    The guest list example - only a given number of list items are visible and a item with sub items is inflated ("Guest 3" was a guest in 3 episodes)

    The guest list example - full list with layout 2 (since v0.9)

    widgets page in the site admin area (v1.0) - widgets preferences

    If you click on "Set the Links" then this dialog appears. (v0.9.3) - widgets preferences

    widgets page in the site admin area (since v0.9) - on Windows servers you have to declare the locale string in the Windows format (consists of language name, country name and the code page number). Furthermore you have to set the corresponding code page name for the PHP mbstring module.

    widgets page in the site admin area (since v0.9) - if it is not possible to set the locale and the default locale on the server is not corresponding to your blog charset then it is most likely that the list elements will be not in the correct alphabetical order

    custom field beneath the post editor (WP 2.7.1) - this is the place where you create custom fields and define the custom field values which are visible in the list of this widget

  • Custom Field List Widget / Liste Benutzerdefinierter Felder Widget

    Dieses Plugin erzeugt eine Liste aus den Werten eines Spezialfeldes, gruppiert mehrfach vorkommende Werte und verlinkt die Werte zu ihren Beiträgen. Diese Liste wird dann in einer (widged-fähigen) Seitenleiste angezeigt. Man kann also eine Liste von Metainformationen einer Kategorie (= Name des Benutzerdefinierten Feldes) bzw. Tags/Schlagwörter eine Kategorieaflisten.

    Ein gutes Anwedungsbeispiel ist z.B.: eine List der Gäste Ihrer Podcast-Episoden (Man könnte die Gäste namen sicherlich auch als normale Tags den Beiträgen zuordnen. Allerdings würden dann die Namen mit den übrigen, den Beitragsinhalt beschreibenden Tags in einer Liste/Wolke auftauchen.)

    Dieses Plugin unterstützt ab v0.8 auch Mehrfach-Widgets (Es ist möglich mehrere Listen (Widgets) in einer Seitenleiste gleichzeitig anzeigen zu lassen) und verwendet das jQuery Framework, das in WP enthalten ist, um die Anzeigeeffekte zu erzeugen. Sollte der Browser eines Besuchers oder Besucherin Javascript nicht unterstützen oder nicht erlauben, dann werden die Listen komplett angezeigt. Darüberhinaus hat dieses Plugin auch ein Add On für das bekannte K2 Theme. Sie können es mit dem K2 Sidebar Manager verwenden.)

    Kommentare lesen | einen Kommentar schreiben

    Hinweise zur Benutzung

    Hinweis zum Erstellen von Listen mit mehr als einer Hierarchiestufe

    (ab v0.9.5 verfügbar)

    Sie können pro Beitrag mehrere Namen Benutzerdefinierter Felder definieren. Mit jedem Name eines Benutzerdefinierten Feldes wird die Liste, die von diesem Plugin erzeugt wird um eine Abstufung erweitert. Die Werte die einem Name eines Benutzerdefinierten Feldes zugeordnet wurden, werden vor dem Erstellen der Liste so aus der Datenbank ihres Blogs geladen als wären die Datenreihen spaltenweise nebeneinander angeordnet. Sie können auch einen Namen eines Benutzerdefinierten Feldes bzw. die Werte eines Namens eines Benutzerdefinierten Feldes bestimmen, nach denen alle Daten dieser virtuellen Spalten sortiert werden. Diese Sortierspalte bzw. Hierarchiestufe kann auch mittels der Option "nicht anzeigen" aus der Liste in der Seitenleiste ausgeblendet werden.


    Sie können zum Beispiel eine Liste erzeugen, in der bestimmte Beiträge nach einem nicht-Gregorianischen Kalender z.B. dem Chinesischen Kalender gruppiert sind. Dazu könnten Sie beispielsweise die Benutzerdefinierten Felder mit den Namen "realdate" (Hierarchiestufe 0), "element_und_tier" (Hierarchiestufe 1) und "station" (Hierarchiestufe 2) einrichten und vergeben. "element_und_tier" würden die entsprechenden Bezeichnungen des Jahres enthalten. "station" die Bezeichnung für die Jahreszeit. "realdate" würde in diesem Beispiel das Datum des jeweiligen Beitrags in einer gut sortierbaren Form z.B. 20091014 enthalten. Hier wäre es sicherlich auch sinnvoll "realdate" nicht anzeigen zu lassen.
    Auf diese Weise mit Metainformationen versehen, würden die Beiträge z.B. so aufgelistet werden:

    • Erde / Ratte
      • Hanlu
        • Beitrag 1 (z.B. für 20081014)
    • Erde / Büffel
      • Hanlu
        • Beitrag 1 (z.B. für 20091014)
        • Beitrag 2 (z.B. für 20091015)

    weitere wichtige Hinweise:

    • Sie können insgesamt 5 Hierarchiestufen einsetzen (Wenn sie mehr Stufen verwenden wollen, schreiben Sie mir einen E-Mail.).
    • Jeder der Beiträge, der in der Liste in der Seitenleiste angezeigt werden soll, muss die gleichen Namen der Benutzerdefinierten Felder haben (Die Werte der Benutzerdefinierten Feldes dürfen sich natürlich von Beitrag zu Beitrag unterscheiden.)
    • Der Name eines Benutzerdefinierten Feldes, der nicht in der Liste in der Seitenleiste angezeigt werden soll, sollte entweder der erste oder der letzte der Namen der Benutzerdefinierten Felder in der Listen auf der Widgetsseite im Adminbereich sein.

    Hinweis zur Verwendung der Option "die Werte nach deren letztem Wort sortieren"

    (ab v0.7 verfügbar)

    Sie können bestimmen, welches Wort das letzte Wort ist, in dem Sie einen Unterstrich statt einem Leerzeichen zwischen den Wörtern verwenden. Wenn Sie ein _ zwischen zwei Wörtern verwenden, werden diese als ein Wort angesehen.


    Namen mit mehr als einem Vor- und Nachnamen

    Friedrich Wilhelm von Mustermann
    Das letzten Wort ist hier "Mustermann".

    Friedrich Wilhelm von_Mustermann
    Das letzten Wort ist hier "von Mustermann".

    Die Unterstriche _ werden nicht in der Seitenleiste angezeigt.


    • Englisch,
    • Deutsch,
    • Bulgarisch - beigesteuert von Peter Toushkov,
    • Hindi (nur bis v1.1.7 komplett) - beigesteuert von Kakesh Kumar
    • Dänisch (nur für das Frontend) - beigesteuert von Peter Kirring
    • Russisch (für v0.9.4 und v0.9.4.1) - beigesteuert von Michael Comfi,
    • Usbekisch (für v0.9.4 und v0.9.4.1) - beigesteuert von Alisher Safarov,


    • WP 2.7.x - 3.1.x
    • ein Widget-fähiges Theme


    • letzte deutsche Version


    • Kopieren Sie das Verzeichnis und Dateien in das Pluginverzeichnis Ihres Weblogs (z.B. /wp-content/plugins/widget_custom_field_list).

      Die Dateien, die mit der neusten Pluginversion ausgeliefert werden:
      customfieldlist-de_DE.mo (deutsche Sprachdatei)
      customfieldlist-de_DE.po (deutsche Sprachdatei)
      customfieldlist-bg_BG.mo (Sprachdatei Bulgarisch)
      customfieldlist-bg_BG.po (Sprachdatei Bulgarisch)
      customfieldlist-hi_IN.mo (Sprachdatei Hindi)
      customfieldlist-hi_IN.po (Sprachdatei Hindi)
      customfieldlist-dk_DK.mo (Sprachdatei Dänisch)
      customfieldlist-dk_DK.po (Sprachdatei Dänisch)
      customfieldlist-ru_RU.mo (Sprachdatei Russisch)
      customfieldlist-ru_RU.po (Sprachdatei Russisch)
      customfieldlist-uz_UZ.mo (Sprachdatei Usbekisch)
      customfieldlist-uz_UZ.po (Sprachdatei Usbekisch)

      custom_field_list_k2_widget.php (kopieren Sie diese Datei in das Verzeichnis /app/modules/ des K2-Theme (z.B.: /wp-content/themes/k2/app/modules/), wenn Sie das K2-Theme und den alten Sidebar Manager oder das entsprechende Plugin benutzen)

      readme.txt (alles über dieses Plugin)
      license.txt (Lizenztext zu diesem Plugin: GNU GPL v2 in Englisch)

    • Aktivieren Sie das Plugin.

    Umstieg auf eine neuere Version:

    • Deinstallieren Sie das Plugin.
    • Installieren Sie die Dateien der neuen Version, so dass die alten Dateien im Zweifelsfall überschrieben werden.
    • Aktivieren Sie das Plugin.


    • Deaktivieren Sie das Plugin.
    • (Die Einstellungen des Plugins werden während der Deaktivierung aus der Datenbank automatisch gelöscht.)
    • Löschen Sie die Dateien und das Verzeichnis des Plugins.

    neue Funktionen und Änderungen

    in Version 1.2.4:

    • Sicherheitsupdate

    in Version 1.2.2:

    • die Breite des Thickbox-Vollbild-Rahmens wird nun anhand der größe des Browserfenster - und nicht mehr anhand der Bildschirmauflösung - berechnet
    • die Listen beinhalten nun in jedem Fall nur Artikel, die den post_status="publish" haben

    in Version 1.2.1:

    • Fehlerbehebung: ein Schreibfehler, der nur in Internet Explorer Browsern auftrat, wurde beseitigt

    in Version 1.2:

    • neue Funktion: Es gibt nun zwei Möglichkeiten lange Werte von Benutzerdefinierten Feldern in der Auswahlmenüs besser darzustellen. Eine Möglichkeit ist es, die Liste per Klick in einem Thickbox-Vollbild-Rahmen anzeigen zu lassen. Die andere Möglichkeit ist es, die Anzahl der Buchstaben pro Wert einzuschränken.
    • neue Funktion: Es ist nun möglich die Werte der Benutzerdefinierten Felder alphabetisch oder nach Atikeldatum zu sortieren (Sortierkriterium)
    • Bugfix: es wurden verschiedene kleinere Fehler beseitigt
    • Bugfix: das Plugin enthält einen Korrektur eines Fehlers, der in Verbindung mit einigen PHP 4 Versionen auftrat und in der Fehlermeldung "Error establishing a database connection" resultierte

    in Version 1.1.7:

    • Bugfix: die Hyperlinks werden nun mit get_permalink() anstatt über die GUID eines Artikels gebildet.

    in Version 1.1.6:

    • Bugfix: Fehler beim Einbinden der Einstellungsseite. Benutzer benötigen die Fähigkeit "manage_links" um die Seite aufzurufen.

    in Version 1.1.5:

    • Bugfix: Funktionsname berichtigt: attribute_escape anstatt von attributes_escape

    in Version 1.1.4:

    • die Linkbeschreibungen werden nun anders escaped

    in Version 1.1.3:

    • die Art, wie die Sprachdateien geladen werden, wurde geändert
    • die Optionen "einfache Liste" und "Auswahlmenü" wurden neu aufgeteilt
    • es it nun möglich das Feld (Widget-)Titel leer zu lassen

    in Version 1.1.2:

    • Dänische Übersetzung aller Frontend Texte von Peter Kirring (Danke!!!)
    • Ich habe die deutsche Sprachdatei von weiteren Fehlern befreit und von der alter Übersetzung von custom fields "Spezialfelder" auf die neue "Benutzerdefinierte Felder" umgestellt.

    in Version 1.1.1:

    • Fehlerbehebung: zusätzliches Javascript eingefügt, um die Verfügbarkeit des Kästchens "Werte nach deren letztem Wort sortieren" besser zu regulieren

    in Version 1.1:

    • Fehlerbehebung: Diese Version enthält Fehlerbehebungen, mit denen die Sortierreihefolgeoption wieder funktioniert.

    in Version 1.0:

    • Version 0.9.9 brchte die Drop-Down Menülisten. Aber es war nur möglich die Spezialfeldwerte in diesen Listen so anzuzeigen, als würden man die Option "jedes Listenelement mit Unterpunkten" verwenden. Nun, in Version 1, muss man diese Listenerscheinungsbildeinstellung aktiv wählen.
    • zusätzliche CSS Vereinbarung für die Breite der Drop-Down Menülisten (width: 100%)
    • die widget_custom_field_list.css Datei enthält nun vordefinierte CSS, die die klickbaren Elemente in den Drop-Down Menülisten wie gewöhnliche Links aussehen lassen (Die Definitionen sind für das alte und neue Standard Theme (Default und Twenty Ten))
    • alle klickbaren Elemente in den Drop-Down Menülisten haben nun die Klasse "customfieldlist_opt_link"
    • neue Funktion: Es ist nun möglich die Beitragstitel, die die unterste Ebene der Listenelemente darstellen, alphabetisch zu ordnen (nur in Kombination mit dem "Standardlayout" Listentyp). Standardmäßig werden die Beitragstitel nach dem Datum des Beitrags geordnet.
    • "die Werte nach deren letztem Wort sortieren" funktioniert nun auch wieder in Kombination mit dem "Standardlayout" Listentyp
    • kleine Bereinigung der enqueue_script-Vorgänge

    in Version 0.9.9:

    • neue Listenerscheinungsbildoption: es ist nun möglich die Listen als Drop-Down Menü darzustellen
    • interne Veränderungen: die Art auf die die Listen mit den individuell verlinkten Elmenten erzeugt werden, wurde verändert
    • es ist nun möglich den Widgettitel leer lassen
    • neue Funktion: es ist nun möglich the Spezialfeldwerte automatisch mittels deren erstem Zeichen zu gruppieren
    • kleinere Javascriptfehler wurden ausgebessert

    in Version 0.9.7:

    • diese Version bindet den benötigten Javascript Code für die Listeneffekte nur noch außerhalb des Adminbereichs

    in Version 0.9.6:

    • neue Funktion: Sie können nun die Art der Nummerierung der Listenteile bestimmen, wenn Sie die Option "nur einen Teil der Listenelemente auf einmal anzeigen" gewählt haben. Sie können zwischen durchgehender Nummerierung und verschiedenen Buchstabenkombinationen wählen.
    • neue Funktion: Es ist nun möglich die Anzahl der Subelemente eines Listenelements einzublenden.
    • neue Funktion: Es gibt nun die Möglichkeit die Anzeigen/Verbergen Symbole auszuwählen
    • neue Funktion: es ist ebenfalls möglich die Effektgeschwindigkeit zu bestimmen
    • Fehler in Zusammenhang mit der Nummerierung der Listenelemente bei gewählter Option "Liste mit manuell verlinkten Werten" beseitigt
    • ein Fehler in Zusammenhang mit der Hervorhebung der Nummerierung des ausgewählten Listenteils beseitigt
    • die Widgets geben jetzt validen HTML Code aus
    • die Linktitel werden besser verarbeitet
    • einige fest inden Code geschrieben Datenbanktabellennamen wurden gegen Variablen ersetzt

    in Version 0.9.5:

    • neue Funktion: Sie können mehr als einen Spezialfeldnamen bestimmen und eine Liste mit mehreren Hierarchiestufen erzeugen. Darüberhinaus können Sie auch einen der Spezialfeldnamen als Sortierkriterium festlegen.
    • neue Funktion: Sie können die Sortierreihenfolge bestimmen (aufsteigend (ASC) / absteigend (DESC)).
    • Hindi Sprachdateien hinzugefügt (Dank an Kakesh Kumar)
    • verschiedene kleinere Fehler beseitigt. (Das ist auch wieder mit dem IE benutzbar.)
    • (Leider sind die Russischen und Usbekischen Sprachdateien nicht aktualisiert.)

    in Version

    • verschiedene Fehler beseitigt
    • Übersetzung ins Usbekische hinzugefügt (Dank an Alisher Safarov)

    in Version 0.9.4:

    • Übersetzung ins Russische hinzugefügt (Dank an Michael Comfi)

    in Version 0.9.3:

    • neue Funktion: ab dieser Version können auch Listen erstellt werden, deren Listenelemente individuell zu den vorhandenen Beiträgen oder Seiten oder ganz und gar frei verlinkt werden können.

    in Version 0.9.2:

    • Fehlerbehebung: HTML-Struktur eine Fehlermeldung korrigiert, die nur auf Windows-Servern angezeigt wird.

    in Version 0.9.1:

    • Fehlerbehebung: Festeinprogrammierte Verzeichnisnamen wurden mit einer dynamischen Regelung ersetzt.

    in Version 0.9:

    • neues Layout-Variante hinzugefügt
    • Übersetzung Bulgarisch hinzugefügt (Dank dafür an Peter Toushkov)
    • es wurde eine große Anzahl von Fehlern beseitigt (hierzu ein großes Dankschön für das umfangreiche, gründliche Testen und Berichten an Peter Toushkov)

    in Version 0.8.1:

    • Fehlermeldung für den Fall, dass kein Wert für den angegebenen Spezialfeldnamen gefunden werden kann, hinzugefügt
    • Beschriftung geändert (Widgetsseite)

    in Version 0.8:

    • neue Funktion: Es ist ab sofort möglich mehrere Listen (Widgets) in einer Seitenleiste gleichzeitig anzeigen zu lassen.
    • einige Fehler wurden beseitigt (z.B. bzgl. der aufgeteilten Listen)

    in Version 0.7:

    • neue Funktion: "die Werte nach deren letztem Wort sortieren"

    in Version 0.6:

    • erste veröffentlichte Version

Feedlogo Kommentare zum Widget Spezialfeldliste /
comments to the custom field list widget:

83 Kommentare / comments

letzter Kommentar geschrieben von / last comment written by

Jacob Thomas - 10.05.2014 - 13:23:13

nr. 1 -- Betreff / subject: first entry / erster Kommentar

Dies ist der Platz für Fragen und Anregungen bzgl. des Spezialfeldliste Widgets. / This is the place for questions and suggestions in relation to the custom field list widget.

von / written by Tim B. - 27.02.2009 - 18:41:07

nr. 2 -- Betreff / subject: Guests with one entry

Thank you for this widget. It's very useful. I am using it to display short stories by authors which I have translated into Bulgarian on my site. Some of these author are present by only one short story, and right now, in order to display the short story's title under the authors name as a single list item, I have to manually change the code every time you update. Would it be possible for you to add an option for this in the future versions?

von / written by Petar Toushkov - 22.03.2009 - 12:10:12

nr. 3 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Guests with one entry

Yes, i'm thinking to add such an option is no problem. But i have some questions: Are the short story titles equal the post titles? Or did use another custom field for that? (Is the custom field name something like "author" and is the custom field value the name of the author?)
Have you already written the code for this?

von / written by Tim B. - 22.03.2009 - 13:05:23

nr. 4 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Guests with one entry

"Are the short story titles equal the post titles?"

"Is the custom field name something like "author" and is the custom field value the name of the author?"
Yes. Field name: "Author"; Field value: "actual-name-of-author".

"Have you already written the code for this?"
No. Way out of my league, especially security-wise. Though, I would eventually try and send you some patches.

Maybe I should have provided how the things actually work for me right now. It's eet-live dot com, left sidebar column, first three sections.

von / written by Petar Toushkov - 22.03.2009 - 15:01:13

nr. 5 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Re: Guests with one entry

Ok. I will add this option within the next week and i will send you probably a release candidate.

von / written by Tim B. - 22.03.2009 - 15:57:25

nr. 6 -- Betreff / subject: Version 0.9

Version 0.9 shines. Thanks for adding the requested feature!

von / written by Peter Toushkov - 6.04.2009 - 22:49:30

nr. 7 -- Betreff / subject: Secondary Custom Field

Thanks for a great Widget.

Is there any way to get a second custom field to appear in the list? Like a list of states as the first and a list of cities as the seonc and then when you click on the cities all the listings for the cities are displayed?

Thanks for any help you can give!!!

von / written by Steve - 16.05.2009 - 18:38:39

nr. 8 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Secondary Custom Field

Hello Steve,

i'm thinking the only way to achieve this is to create a custom field (name) for every state and then assign the cities as custom field values to a custom field (name). After that you can create for every state a sidebar widget.
But to have these lists in one widget is not possible with the current version (v0.9.1).

von / written by Tim B. - 18.05.2009 - 21:21:15

nr. 9 -- Betreff / subject: changing links

thank you for your plugin!

I would like to link the values in the sidebar (the guest names) to the a post named in the same way, with the profile of the guest (ie. link the custom field Pippo to the post named "Pippo", instead to all the other posts with the same custom field)

do you think that's possible to do something like this? any idea on what should I change?
thank you!

von / written by ale - 3.06.2009 - 14:10:55

nr. 10 -- Betreff / subject: Re: changing links

hello ale,

what you want to do is not possible by changing the settings of this plugin. Of course, you allolwed to adopt the plugins source code and change it if you want to. I think it might be a good idea to let the plugin search for a post title which is similar to the custom field value (e.g. name of a guest) when WP passes the action hook "save_post" or "publish_post" and to let it write the custom field values and post IDs into an array in the database table "wp_options". If you do it that way it needs only one or two database queries during the loading of the blog page and with post IDs you are always able to get the right permalink to the posts.

I like the idea of letting the user determine the link of a custom field value. Maybe i will add such a functionality.

But if you need this fast then I think it is probably easier to find a plugin which has already this functionality or if you want to make simply a list of names and link each name to one post or page then you can achieve this by using the text plugin of WP, too. To use the text plugin has no automations but it has a relative good performance during the loading process of the blog page.

von / written by Tim B. - 5.06.2009 - 13:25:35

nr. 11 -- Betreff / subject: sorting by custome field

I am trying to use your pluging custom field list. I want to sort it based on a particular field but it is not working properly.

Let me explain in detail.

I have monthly newspaper site. Where I have two custom fields year and month.

So it would start from year 1 month 1 and then month would increase upto 12 and then year would be 2. I want that latest edition of newspaper should come first. How to acheive that?

I have tried by defining a third field year-month where the values I am putting are 1_1 , 1_2 etc but it is not sorting.

If you can provide a way of reversing the sorting then it would be nice. Like ASC or DESC.

Please suggest. I love this plugin, I have seen many other plugin doing the similar thing but this seem to be BEST.

Help please.

von / written by kakesh - 9.08.2009 - 03:18:42

nr. 12 -- Betreff / subject: Re: sorting by custome field

An option to choose the sorting order is a really usefull thing. I will add such a functionality to the plugin. Thanks for the good idea! Later more ...

von / written by Tim B. - 9.08.2009 - 11:48:16

nr. 13 -- Betreff / subject: Localization

Good day!

I'm from Uzbekistan and translated your plugin into the uzbek language.
What email should I send its .po file in uzbek?


von / written by Alisher - 20.08.2009 - 14:11:11

nr. 14 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Localization

Hi Alisher,

this is great! You can send me the file(s) to timberge@cs.tu-berlin.de.

I will upload your language files on this site, for now. I'm working currently on a new version with some changes and additional text passages which are inspired by the comment (nr. 11) of kakesh. I will send you and all other translators the new version of the plugin and updated language files, probably in the next week.

Thank you for your work!

von / written by Tim B. - 20.08.2009 - 22:58:03

nr. 15 -- Betreff / subject: WordPress Custom Field List Widget

I have been playing around with custom fields a bit and couldn't find a way to display them. Your custom field list widget manager is perfect.

I downloaded 9.4 and it didn't work. I am using ie 8. I found 9.5 RC on your site and it worked perfectly.

I have one suggestion for a future enhancement. I would like to display the first letter of my custom fields as the first element. The second element would be the custom field itself. This feature would then collapse the entries under each letter. It would also be nice to show the number of posts for each letter of the alphabet.

This one might take a huge amount of work. My workaround is to create another custom field "Letter" and input the appropriate letter for each post.

Thanks again for a great widget.

Larry Wilson

von / written by Larry Wilson - 24.11.2009 - 04:40:20

nr. 16 -- Betreff / subject: response to Larry W.

Hello Larry,

yes, v0.9.4 does not work with all the IE versions. The bug which causes the problem is solved in the v0.9.5 which I am going to release at the next weekend.

I think the feature of showing the number of posts for each (main) list element will be in the next version (which will be released before christmas). About the other feature with the first letter: I have to think a little bit longer and I am not sure about that.

von / written by Tim B. - 25.11.2009 - 22:25:17

nr. 17 -- Betreff / subject: Klasse!

also genau das habe ich gesucht, merci!

von / written by Connie - 7.12.2009 - 21:47:07

nr. 18 -- Betreff / subject: HTML errors

I get a big long list of warnings when checking the source code of the generated page...

"The tag contains attributes with too much or too less quote marks (").
Good <p id="my_id"">
Good <p id="my_id">"

for example:
this generated List :
<ul id="customfieldlist_mainlist_2">

<li name="customfieldlistelements_2_0">
<span class="customfieldtitle">Akhmatova, Anna</span> <span class="customfieldplus">[ - ]</span><br />
<ul class="customfieldsublist">
<li name="customfieldlistelements_2_0">
<span class="customfieldtitle"></span> <span class="customfieldplus">[ - ]</span><br />
<ul class="customfieldsublist">

<li name="customfieldlistelements_2_0"><a href="" title="An die Musik: Anna Akhmatova">An die Musik: Anna Akhmatova</a></li>

<li name="customfieldlistelements_2_0">
"The tag contains an attribute that is proprietary to Netscape or Internet Explorer. "

and see this:
<li name="customfieldlistelements_2_9"><a href="" title=""Warum ist Karl Krolow vergessen?"">"Warum ist Karl Krolow vergessen?"</a></li>

The tag contains attributes with too much or too less quote marks (").

It is a local installation in the moment, so there is no URL to proof, but I think you should escape the content of the fields

Now like it works today, I cannot use the Plugin, I need valid code

cheers, Connie

von / written by Connie - 14.12.2009 - 12:39:31

nr. 19 -- Betreff / subject: Re: HTML errors

Hi Connie,

you are right. The HTML code should be valid.
I will correct these error sources in the next version which will probably be published before Christmas. (I will probably put out a new RC today or tomorrow.)

Thanks for the report!

von / written by Tim B. - 14.12.2009 - 13:49:20

nr. 20 -- Betreff / subject: Great idea... but doesn't work here

Hi, this is an excellent plugin!

However, it's not finding any of my keys. I know they are there, looking at them right now in both the posts & in a SQL browser, yet the plugin doesn't return anything; just an empty widget.

Am running apache on my dev server, OS X.

Other usage of the same keys (ex: in posts) works fine, just not this plugin.

Any ideas why?

If it helps, when I click "update links" button it says "no values matching the key in database" yet this is not true.

von / written by Casemon - 16.12.2009 - 08:34:55

nr. 21 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Great idea... but doesn't work here

Hi Casemon,

Thank you for your report, too. I'm still not 100% sure why the plugin is not working in your case. But I have looked into the db queries and I have found some hard coded db table names and have changed them with variables.

That might solve your problem if your are not using the default db table prefix "wp_".

Please, try the version 0.9.6 RC 7.

von / written by Tim B. - 16.12.2009 - 10:48:47

nr. 22 -- Betreff / subject: Fixed!

Woot! Fixed in 0.9.6 RC7!

Now THAT's service! Awesome work!

von / written by Casemon - 16.12.2009 - 17:24:01

nr. 23 -- Betreff / subject: Widget on Pages

This is almost exactly the plugin I was looking for.
However, I'd really like to be able to display the list in a 'page' not on the sidebar. And only on 1 specific page.
I'm not particularly good at php - I can read and modify code a bit but I'm not real fluent so I haven't figured out the php enough to make this change on my own.

Do you know of an easy way to do this?

Is there a "plugin" to enable widgets on a specific page that you know works with your widget?

Or is there a block of code that I could cut and paste into the appropriate custom page template?

von / written by Buddy - 17.12.2009 - 03:19:50

nr. 24 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Widget on Pages

Hi Buddy,

one relative simple way is to create a special page template. Usually there is a page.php in your theme's folder. You can copy that file and remove some of the lines between get_header() and get_sidebar(). These lines are in most cases there to display the blog posts.
Change the name of the template.

Further you have to register a new sidebar (and give the other one a name). For this pupose you have to look into the functions.php of your them. This file should contain function call for register_sidebar() if your theme supports widgets. There your can add new sidebar. You can define the HTML tags which should surround the widget content and these can be different from the other sidebar(s) like DIV instead of LI. With these different HTML tags and maybe some special CSS you can display the widget content over the complete width of the page. Further give names to the sidebars if you have more than one. How that is done is described in the WP Codex: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/register_sidebar .

If you have a page with the new template and the new sidebar registered then there should be the possibility to add the widget only to this special sidebar.

If you tell which theme you are using then i can help you a little bit, too.

von / written by Tim B. - 17.12.2009 - 11:40:59

nr. 25 -- Betreff / subject: Cool simple list inflate / deflate

Is the list inflater / deflater jquery available separately? Haven't hacked into the php to try to pull it out (for consistency on the site), so thought to ask first!

von / written by Casemon - 18.12.2009 - 09:16:07

nr. 26 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Cool simple list inflate / deflate

All deflater/inflater related JavaScript code is in the widget_custom_field_list_js.php file with two little exceptions. The de/inflater characters and the effect speed names will be arranged in the header of the pages with help of two little JavaScript functions which are in the main plugin file (widget_custom_field_list.php lines 1312 - 1328). This is an easy and good way to get and hold the settings ready for the de-/inflation actions.

Further the list elements have all a class name which consists of 3 parts: {the class name}_{widget number}_{list part number} e.g. customfieldlistelements_7_0. The function which switches between the list parts gets the widget number, the list part number and much list parts there are. To achieve this effects this way was easier for me then to do it with DOM manipulation commands like parent, sibling or so...
But the other hide and show effects are realised via these jQuery event listener kind of things jQuery(document).ready(function(){} OR jQuery(window).load(function(){}

von / written by Tim B. - 18.12.2009 - 19:52:58

nr. 27 -- Betreff / subject: output in tranches?

Hi! Now one list of custom fields is very very long.
I placed in a widget area above the footer. It is showing a long list of booktitles.
As this widget area can have 3 columns, I would like to break the list in trunches:

so that one third of the list is shown in any of the columns

to acchieve that I need the possibility not only to show "n" items, let's say a portion of 25 plus navigation to the next entries,
I would need the option:

Show entry #1 to #50
show entry #51 to #100

by this I could spread the list in the footer region and from time to time I would have to organize them again (when the last part gets too long proportionally) that would be no problem for me

do you think this is useful and possible?

von / written by Connie - 13.01.2010 - 15:28:18

nr. 28 -- Betreff / subject: Re: output in tranches?

Hello Connie,
the plugin contains a function which allows you to control the length of the list. Have you tried this "show only a part of the list elements at once" function? Doesn't it help?

von / written by Tim B. - 13.01.2010 - 20:55:19

nr. 29 -- Betreff / subject: Blank Titles and Draft Posts

Great Widget - thanks for writing it. I do have a couple of issues however.

I have a blank Header, yet on the page where the widget is displayed, it always displays "Custom Field List". I would much prefer that it displays nothing with a blank header - not even a blank line.

Second, the Widget appears to be displaying the custom fields from pages that are still drafts or for Review. It is also displaying those that are in the Trash. Seems like it should only display published posts and pages.

von / written by Buddy Ray - 4.02.2010 - 22:46:06

nr. 30 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Blank Titles and Draft Posts

Thank you for the report!

Yes, the widget should show only published posts and pages. I will fix this soon.

The blank header should not be problem, too.

von / written by Tim B. - 4.02.2010 - 23:40:30

nr. 31 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Blank Titles and Draft Posts

Are these drafts and trashed posts in the list if you are logged out, too?
Which list type did you use?

von / written by Tim B. - 5.02.2010 - 00:56:22

nr. 32 -- Betreff / subject: Custom field values in drop-down box

Your widget is excellent! Thank you for the time you put into its development. Is there a way to display the custom field values in a drop down box (without the sublist) rather than in a list?

von / written by Carter S. - 10.02.2010 - 17:01:57

nr. 33 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Custom field values in drop-down box

At the moment it is possible. But I think it is an interesting idea. I will try to put it into the next version. But it may take while.

von / written by Tim B. - 10.02.2010 - 17:18:59

nr. 34 -- Betreff / subject: v0.9.9 beta

Hi Carter,
the first sentence of my last comment is correct, now. I have implemented this feature and you can test it with the Development Version. The current beta (Development) version can be found here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/custom-field-list-widget/download/

von / written by Tim B. - 18.02.2010 - 01:09:53

nr. 35 -- Betreff / subject: WordPress Custom Field List Widget

Hi Tim,

I just installed the new version of your Custom Field List Widget (Versuib 9.9) and noticed that you have now added the first letter capability that I had suggested. Nice work! It really is nice and I will not longer have to manually code my items to get this functionality.

I just wrote a comment on my weblog about your plugin. I hope you check it out. I like to heap praise on those who do nice work.

One question I have is in regard to the drop down list appearance functionality. I haven't quite figured that one out. I am going to tinker with it a bit to see how it works. Otherwise, I will come back to you to ask for a little more explaination on that one.

Take care

von / written by Larry Wilson - 11.03.2010 - 20:47:09

nr. 36 -- Betreff / subject: custom field values in drop-down box

I have an example for such a drop down menu in my test blog: http://undeuxoutrois.de/wp/

von / written by Tim B. - 11.03.2010 - 21:22:15

nr. 37 -- Betreff / subject: list post name alphbeticaly

Hello. I installed your plugin and it works fine. The only thing that is bothering me is that it sorts the custom field value, ok, but the names of the posts with that value are not sorted alphabeticaly...
i use the blog (http://ocaradalocadora.com.br) to write movie critics... than i created a list sorted by year of the movies. than, you see there movies from 2009, but the movies names (posts titles) are not sorted alphabeticaly, most probably by date... is there a way to do that? to sort alphabeticaly?


von / written by fabio - 31.03.2010 - 17:54:53

nr. 38 -- Betreff / subject: Re: list post name alphbeticaly

Hello Fabio, that is a good idea and it will be implemented in version 1.0. Actually you can try the release candidate 4 of version 1.0. It is the development Version http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/custom-field-list-widget/download/ and has this feature already.

von / written by Tim B. - 6.04.2010 - 17:52:57

nr. 39 -- Betreff / subject: Sort Order

Well, I had my booktitles at http://www.avantart.com/lesebuch sorted ascending, which in my limited Imagination sorts from A to Z... ;=)

but after updating to the actual version, all booktitles were presented descending, from Z to A ...

I had to change the sort-order in the sidebar-widget from ASC to DESC ...

Is this a bug or am I the bug?

Cheers, Connie

von / written by Connie - 11.04.2010 - 12:46:39

nr. 40 -- Betreff / subject: Version 1.0 and the sort order

Connie your observation is correct. There is a bug. I'm sorry that I have not discovered it myself. I have tested predominantly with WP 3.0 beta 1 and with that version the ASC/DESC behaviour contrary and widget works as the last versions.

I'm on it and going to release a bug fix version in the next 2-3 days.

Thanks the report!

von / written by Tim B. - 11.04.2010 - 15:58:47

nr. 41 -- Betreff / subject: vineyard info

I am trying to figure out if your widget will solve my problem. I appreciate all the work you have done to provide it. I looked a Larry Wilson's site and see how useful it is for him.

I have a blog about vineyards in New England region of US. There are 6 states and about 81 vineyards scattered through them. www.growingvine.net

Everytime I write about a particular vineyard I usually provide their contact info. Name, address, phone and website. So, I copy and paste over and over. If I had a way to reuse a snippet of code like a database that would be so useful. I also have lists of the vineyards, sorted by state, or searchable.

I'm a graphic designer in over my head but I love this project. I hope to help the vineyards who are mainly small, family run, and not making a lot of money. They preserve the land and that is important to me.

If you can shed any light on this, I would appreciate it.

Thank you, Nancy Boyle

von / written by Nancy Boyle - 12.04.2010 - 14:59:54

nr. 42 -- Betreff / subject: page rather than widget

Yours is the first plugin that I've found that treats custom fields like I need.

However, I'd like to make a page using the custom field implementation rather than a sidebar widget. Is there a simple way to do this?



von / written by Adam - 14.04.2010 - 17:45:57

nr. 43 -- Betreff / subject: Re: page rather than widget

Hello Adam,

there is probably more than one way but I guess the easiest way is to create a new page template which has a wide sidebar instead of the usual content section. When you have registered this sidebar via the function.php of theme then you can add the any widget to this widgetized content column.
I have made an example for the Kubrick theme. you can download this example in the download section (of the English part of this page). The readme.txt in the .zip file has some more explanations and links for further reading.
Does this help you?

von / written by Tim B. - 15.04.2010 - 00:02:51

nr. 44 -- Betreff / subject: Changing + / - to text in widget

Hi Tim - Greetings from Denmark
Excellent plugin - thanks a lot for sharing with the world!

In the widget I'm using the simple list with a tick in both a) "each element with sub elements" and b) "show the number of sub elements"

This shows a plus or minus after the field depending if the list is collapsed or expanded. I'd very much like to replace the + and - with text. I'm no php expert, but if you can tell me which of the php file(s) I need to edit (and maybe line numbers too?) I'm comfortable replacing +/- with text there.

Thank you _very_ much in advance!
BR Peter

von / written by Peter K - 16.05.2010 - 21:18:30

nr. 45 -- Betreff / subject: Changing + / - to text in widget

Hi Peter, it is already possible to change these expand/collapse characters. The plugin has a settings page (Site Admin / Settings / Custom Field List Widgets) where it is possible to choose between different pre-defined variations. One of them is e.g Show/Hide.
If you like to have these phrases in Danish then the best way to accomplish that is to create a language file. This way you could define two complete different alternative words instead of the Danish equivalents for Show/Hide without changing the source code. I'm using the poEdit editor to create the German language files for the plugin and if you like to do it this way I could send you some prepared language files.

But if you would give you some hints what the alternative words should be then I would insert them myself and they would be part of all following plugin versions.

von / written by Tim B. - 16.05.2010 - 22:47:00

nr. 46 -- Betreff / subject: Remove the first bullet

If you dont setup the list with a title, then there is a bullet before the list. is there a way to remove this first bullet?

von / written by Justin - 13.06.2010 - 05:53:13

nr. 47 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Remove the first bullet

Is this bullet in place even if you define a title? Is it a bullet of list elements?

There is probably a way. One way is via CSS. The whole widget has the class .customfieldlist and if you know which element has this bullet then you can switch it off.

If it is a bullet of a list element then would be something like that
.customfieldlist ul {
list-style-type: none;
.customfieldlist li {
list-style-type: none;

But I could tell you a more specific way if you could tell the name of your theme or the address of the blog.


von / written by Tim B. - 13.06.2010 - 10:37:49

nr. 48 -- Betreff / subject: Sorting by post date?

Great plugin!

Using this for a "hot topics" type box, but alphabetical sorting of title isn't desired.

Anyway to sort by date of post?

von / written by Casemon - 12.08.2010 - 03:36:17

nr. 49 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Sorting by post date?

Hi Casemon,

The current "Development Version" (1.2 beta 1) has such a feature:

Please, test it and tell if that is what would like to have.


von / written by Tim B. - 13.08.2010 - 12:41:24

nr. 50 -- Betreff / subject: i do have problem with the menu

i getting this error :
"You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page."

then trying access this page

i have put the file "widget_custom_field_list.php" in
wp-content/themes/twentyten/app/modules as needed !

von / written by yaacov - 30.08.2010 - 16:19:57

nr. 51 -- Betreff / subject: Re: i do have problem with the menu

Thank you for that report resp. question! I have changed the way the settings are added to the admin menu. It was my fault and the next version is on the way.


von / written by Tim B. - 30.08.2010 - 17:03:53

nr. 52 -- Betreff / subject: www.schoenerlesen.de

Hi, cooles Plugin. Aber wie binde ich die Daten auf einer separaten Seite ein - nicht nur in ein Widget?

Liebe Grüße

von / written by Jan - 6.09.2010 - 14:26:03

nr. 53 -- Betreff / subject: Plugin auf separater Seite

Hallo Jan,

eine ziemlich simple Lösung ist es, ein Seiten-Template anzulegen, welches quasi nur aus einer großen Fläche für Widgets - also einer sehr breiten Seitenleite - besteht. Dazu kann man beispielsweise die Datei page.php des Themes kopieren, umbenennen und entsprechend ändern.
Diese spezielle Seitenleiste muss einen eindeutigen Namen erhalten. Darüber hinaus muss diese Seitenleiste auch, in der zum Theme gehörenden Datei functions.php, als Seitenleiste registriert werden.

Im englischsprachigen Downloadbereich dieser Seite habe ich zwei Beispiel Seiten-Templates und eine entsprechend angepasste functions.php Datei zum Download bereitgestellt. Diese Beispiel ist mit den Dateien des mittlerweile alten Default (Kubrick) Themes gemacht.

Man könnte sicherlich auch die Funktion, die das Widget im Frontend darstellt direkt aufrufen. allerdings müßte man die Seiteleisten HTML Elemente manuell übergeben. Auf jeden Fall müsste man auch etwas im Code des Templates ändern. Ich denke aber, dass der erst genannte Methode, die eleganteste ist.

Falls du weitere Fragen hast, werde ich gern versuchen sie zu beantworten.

Viele Grüße

von / written by Tim B. - 7.09.2010 - 21:52:52

nr. 54 -- Betreff / subject: funktioniert nicht mit WP 3.0.1

Hallo, ich setze das Widget auf www.avantart.com/lesebuch intensiv ein und nun stelle ich fest, daß es mit der aktuellen Version WP 3.0.1 nicht funktioniert.

Die Listen werden angezeigt, Links werden gebildet, aber die Links werden nicht geladen, es wird immer nur die aktuelle Seite neu geladen. Das ist sehr ärgerlich

bitte prüft das nach!
Gruss, Connie

von / written by Connie Müller-Gödecke - 26.09.2010 - 08:57:51

nr. 55 -- Betreff / subject: Fehler mit WP 3.0.1


Die Listeninhalte werden als Link angezeigt, Titel sind vorhanden aber: die URLs werden nicht gebildet.

von / written by Connie Müller-Gödecke - 26.09.2010 - 09:00:46

nr. 56 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Fehler mit WP 3.0.1

Ich hoffe, ich konnte das Problem in 1.1.7 (und 1.2 beta 3) reparieren.
Falls das Problem weiterhin besteht, wäre es evtl. hilfreich, wenn Sie mir miteilen könnten, ob Sie ein oder mehrere Namen von Benutzerdefinierten Feldern pro Widget verwenden.
Viele Grüße

von / written by Tim B. - 26.09.2010 - 13:45:03

nr. 57 -- Betreff / subject: Showing linkable fields rather than post titles in the drop-down

Great plugin.

I would like to be able to show the linkable fields themselves in the drop down, rather than post titles.

So I have a custom field "author" and I would like the reader to have a drop-down to select the author's name, which would then show the search results of that author (a subset of all the posts). Ideally it would also have the option to "show all"

Also, is there a way to somehow shorten the dropdown when you have many custom fields?

Alternatively, using the collapsable list control (with the + -) instead would be fine, as long as the clickable part is the custom field name, rather than the post title.

Does this make sense? Easy for me to add to the plugin?

von / written by Andrew Kornylak - 26.11.2010 - 03:41:16

nr. 58 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Showing linkable fields rather than post titles in the drop-down

Hello Andrew,

> So I have a custom field \"author\" and I would like the reader to
> have a drop-down to select the author\'s name, which would then show
> the search results of that author (a subset of all the posts). Ideally

That is already possible with the plugin as it is. Please try the list type "a list with manually linked values". Using that list type allows you to create lists which contain the custom field values only one time per list and you have possibility (via the "Set the links" button) to set a custom link e.g. to a search result page for each custom field value.

There is no way to shorten a dropdown list. But you can use of course the "simple list" which allows you to control the length of the list.


von / written by Tim B. - 26.11.2010 - 09:43:41

nr. 59 -- Betreff / subject: Getting the Category

How can i get and print the_category of each post in this plugin?
I want to show the first category of every post on the list
Thanks in advance.

von / written by julio - 28.11.2010 - 20:38:25

nr. 60 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Getting the Category

Hi Julio,

that is not possible.


von / written by Tim B. - 29.11.2010 - 19:15:32

nr. 61 -- Betreff / subject: Filter

This is a great plugin. Having one problem thought

I dont want unpublished posts to show up in the list. Is it possible to prevent that somehow

Thank you

von / written by Martin - 5.01.2011 - 22:56:18

nr. 62 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Filter

Hi Martin,

if you are not logged in, the list should contain only posts with post_status = "publish".
But it is true that the list will contain posts independently of their status if you or other users are logged in. Is this a problem in your case?
Or does the list show also posts which are not published while you are logged out?


von / written by Tim B. - 6.01.2011 - 23:15:44

nr. 63 -- Betreff / subject: Filter

Hi Tim

Thanks for the reply. Hiding the post for users that are not logged in is quite enough. Didn't think of that I was logged in when testing the feature.

thank you very much

von / written by Martin - 7.01.2011 - 22:08:51

nr. 64 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Filter

Hi Martin,

I have rethought it once more and will make this behaviour optional in the next version. But it may take some time until this next version is going to be released if there is no critical bug or problem.


von / written by Tim B. - 7.01.2011 - 23:36:13

nr. 65

Sounds great Tim. Thanks again for a great produkt

von / written by Martin - 15.01.2011 - 15:03:18

nr. 66 -- Betreff / subject: Grouped date fields?

I'm using the Custom Field List Widget to list custom fields for a publication name and publication date (in the format YYYY/MM/DD), but would like to format differently to group publication dates by year (currently it is a very long list with every date), along with the number of posts for that year.

Something like this:
Publication-A (22)
Publication-B (4)

and for dates:
1923 (12)
1922 (7)
1921 (16)

Here is the site to see what I mean:

Is this possible with your plugin?

von / written by Bob - 11.06.2011 - 20:20:18

nr. 67 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Grouped date fields?

Hi Bob,

that is basically possible to do that with the plugin. You need to add the year as an separate custom field value to each post. If you have done that you can use this custom field name e.g. "pubyear" to create a list. (And if you are going to add such custom field, maybe think about adding a field for the month.)
It is also possible to display the number of sub list elements (posts per year).

Grouping the posts by their titles is maybe easier. There is the option "group the values by the first character". This option was meant to be for such a purpose.


von / written by Tim B. - 12.06.2011 - 15:58:59

nr. 68 -- Betreff / subject: custom field list widget - linls

I am trying to create the content for my custom field list. I have created the custom field with text (ispd) and then another one with a numeric title (0). I have been able to populate the custom field list in the widget, but have not been able to create a link. Instead of getting the screen shown above, this message is displayed:

There are no values in connection to the custom field name "ispd" in the data base.

This is exactly the widget I need, but seem to be missing something in getting the database set up. Your help is greatly appreciated.

R. Bowman 505-699-3641 Oak Ridge, TN usa

von / written by Rebecca Bowman - 18.06.2011 - 03:58:32

nr. 69 -- Betreff / subject: Re: custom field list widget - links

This message you could see in the sidebar menus that there are no published posts which have a custom field with the name "ispd".

If the post with this custom field was and is still a draft or has any other status as published than it will not be part of the list in the sidebar. (An other status may be "private" or Pending Review)
The other possible but maybe not very likely explanation is that there was no post at all with this custom field (name).


von / written by Tim B. - 18.06.2011 - 11:32:07

nr. 70 -- Betreff / subject: Can we have an option for non hierarchal lists?

I like this widget, it performs exactly as I would like except for one issue, if there are multiple custom fields with the same value, then they are stored underneath (open and closeable sub-list), but I would rather that if I click on such an entry it goes to a page of that shows all pages with that custom value.

An example is an artist field, if I click on an entry that I have only one song of that artist, then it goes to that entry, but if I have multiple entries, then the pages are listed underneath that.

I know in writing this now, that t is really beyond the scope of the widget, because there is no page that lists all the songs of the individual artists.

Do you know of a simple way I could achieve this?

von / written by Dave - 25.08.2011 - 19:19:09

nr. 71 -- Betreff / subject: Can we have an option for non hierarchal lists?

Hi Dave,
I would say that it is possible to create such a list which has the names of the artists as main list elements and the songs as sub elements.
Make a custom field with the name e.g. "artist" and one or more with the name "song" per post. The value of the "artist" field is the name of the artist and the value of the "song" field is the name of the song. In this scenario you may have more than one "song" field per post. But you can have only one "artist" field per post.
In the widget settings: insert "artist" as the first value in the list of custom field names and "song" as the second one. That is it basically.
If you have a different number of "song" fields per post then there will be a notice in the widget settings. But this notice is more important in a different scenario and you may ignore it.
The only thing which is probably not adjustable is that if you are using such a list which combines two custom fields then each list element of the list in the sidebar has a sub element.

Do i have understood your scenario correctly?

von / written by Tim B. - 27.08.2011 - 22:52:47

nr. 72 -- Betreff / subject: Bulleted List

I really like your widget, I would love it more if you can remove the bullet list style from the widget and let just a neat list without bullets, more readable. I think it would be more elegant, in my opinion. I would like to download the modified version, I hope you have some spare times to make the upgrade.

von / written by Luigi - 24.12.2011 - 13:17:19

nr. 73 -- Betreff / subject: Bulleted List, Solved!

Resolved! I'm glad you already answered a similar question of mine, so I just put this

.customfieldlist ul {
list-style-type: none;

on the CSS file and worked out! Thank you!

von / written by Luigi - 24.12.2011 - 13:25:37

nr. 74 -- Betreff / subject: Possible Bug

I really love your plugin! I experimented a little issue using the tool. My website is about pipe tobaccos, I structured it with a custom post type and the usual posts. In the custom post type, I use the custom fields Brand (c_brand) and Cut (c_cut) and in the custom post type and the fields Brand (m_brand) and Cut (m_cut) in the usual posts.

Now, the plugin works fine, listing m_brand/c_cut (picked from the normal posts), but when I reopen an already saved custom post entry, the custom post appairs in the widget without any query value, it just list the custom post tille. My website: http://catasdetabacos.com

Thank you for your support, I truly appreciate!

von / written by Luigi - 6.01.2012 - 20:35:06

nr. 75 -- Betreff / subject: custom field list widget with numbers

Thank you for this widget!
I have classified post of schools of dance in my sidebar. The first field is the type of dance and the second the district code. List is sorted alphabetically by the fist field and also i have checked "sort sub list elements alphabetically". But this second field (the number of the district code) is not sorted.
How can I sort a number field?
I leave you url: http://blog.cabrioledansa.com/
And widget is called: "ENCUENTRA TU ESCUELA"
Thank you very much!

von / written by anoni - 23.02.2012 - 11:47:53

nr. 76 -- Betreff / subject: Thanks and feedback

Vielen dank! The plugin is really useful - with so many options it must have been really difficult to create and almost more so to maintain! It may even be unique in what it can do ... not absolutely sure as I stopped looking when I found this ;-)

One suggestion (meant constructively and not as a complaint or bug!) - Would be great to have a unique title visible in the admin widget screen. Because it can be multiple appearance, it would be useful to be able to see straight away which is which. The title wouldn't have to be 'hideable' necessarily ... there is at least one plugin which adds the functionality to show titles on admin pages, but not on the actual site.

It would be good to have the first level expandable too - so the actual posts weren't shown until you click on a field name. Might already be there ... I haven't played with all the options yet to be sure what they do. I'm off to do that now :-))

Many thanks again.

von / written by Michael - 20.03.2012 - 18:16:52

nr. 77 -- Betreff / subject: Feedback

Played .. it's great, many thanks.

Constructive feedback: When I try to go to the "Custom Field List Widget - settings" from the widget, it tells me I'm not authorised. (I'm an admin, with full - as far as I know - rights.) When I try to go to the same place from the WPdashboard, I can do so without difficulty. Not really a problem ... just letting you know.

Is there a way to NOT show posts where the custom field value is "null"? Have played around a bit, but nothing seems obvious.

Best regards

(-: Michael :-)

von / written by Michael - 25.03.2012 - 16:06:08

nr. 78

I think your plugin is great but im struggling to add a standard wordpress field post_title to the sort order. Can it only do custom fields or can I add the post title as a sort list?

Many thanks.

von / written by Aaron - 2.08.2012 - 17:23:23

nr. 79 -- Betreff / subject: custom field plugin


I have used this plugin and added custom fields in sidebar.

Browse by topics is the title and below that it shows me list of categories(topics) for which the post is assigned to.

If you see above link, it shows me weird characters instead of categories names. I couldn't find any solution yet. Can you please help me out?


von / written by Archi - 2.02.2013 - 07:37:37

nr. 80 -- Betreff / subject: custom field list widget, problem


Your widget is awesome and was working great for me. I was using it to add in 2 custom fields in each of my posts, and I did this successfully for a long time, but now I can only add one custom field because for some reason, unknown to me the system is adding in 4 custom fields that I do not need or use, but I am unable to delete, when I do, they just come back.

They are:

Do you have any idea why these are showing up or how to remove them?

If not, is it possible to add in one more custom list field so I can continue to add in the second custom list field?

any help would be really appreciated

Thanks Linda

von / written by Linda - 12.02.2013 - 07:09:58

nr. 81 -- Betreff / subject: Number of items in list

Hello I would like to know if it is possible to have more than 4 custom field names in a list . i am using this to list indivival condo buildings in an area some areas may have 20+ . is that possible.

also can i put more than one custom field ox in a specific widigeted area.. please let me know how to do this...

I love your plugin and will recomend it to everyone.... we can also chat via phone or skype if you wish to better understand my problems.. please let me know your help is appreciated...

von / written by Scott - 28.05.2013 - 18:03:22

nr. 82 -- Betreff / subject: Can you explain to a rank newbie?

I'm an author, and completely clueless about coding. However, your widget looks like it will work perfect for me to list the books I'm reading on the side column of my site.

After downloading your program, finding custom fields on Wordpress site, playing with them according to the few hints I could glean from your site, I have the widget on the side. But no content.

I have no clue at this point how to get content from, say, a post, to the hoped-for list of books on the side bar.

There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube, but nothing for your program, that I've found. Can you recommend a tutorial that will walk a Newbie through to success.

If you can, may I suggest you point people to that high up on your site?

Thanks very much, if you can help

von / written by Laure - 9.06.2013 - 17:55:49

nr. 83 -- Betreff / subject: multilingual issue

This is a great plugin, but it doesn't seem to apply filters when it displays text such as the post_title, so I have all the languages displayed one after another. Is there a way to fix this? See this article : http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/48322/titles-in-recent-posts-appear-together-in-all-languages-with-qtranslate

von / written by Jacob Thomas - 10.05.2014 - 13:23:13

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