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  • PhotoZip

    Here is the actual developed version of the WordPress plugin PhotoZip v0.3 of Zz85 with my changes.

    PhotoZip, what is it good for:
    You can upload many photos or image files in one .zip-, .tar.gz- or .tar.bz2- file to your WordPress powered weblog. The image files will be unpacked. The plugin creates thumbails of these image files which you can add (with links to the images with original size) to an article or you can add the uploaded image files to your post without creating thumbnails.

    You can

    • set image titles,
    • add galery-functionality
      • supported galeries are: Lightbox, Thickbox, Greybox
        (You must install these galery plugins separatly if you want to view your photos in such a gallery)
    • thumbnail size
    • the thumbnails adjustment in the article (one coloumn or side by side).

    Further you can

    • change the main upload folder,
    • combine pictures from different sub folder on the server to put insert in a post,
    • insert picture without a linked thumbnail to a post,
    • set new thumbnail size for already uploaded images
    • or you can delete uploaded images and their folders.

    PhotoZip supports these image file types: JPG/JPEG, PNG and GIF. But which image file types are supported depends a little bit of your hosting server, too. The definitely supported file types will showed to you by PhotoZip at every start.
    Additionally PhotoZip will show you the max. size which the archiv-file could have and the max size of a single image file without image compression. These limits depends the settings on your server. If you don't know how big your pictures are without image compression, you can upload these image files. If PhotoZip can't create an thumbnail of to big image files and if the processed image is a JPG/JPEG-file a function tries get an embedded thumbnail which is typical for this file-type. Is there no embedded thumbnail or is it a GIF- or PNG-file then the file will be deleted on the server by PhotoZip.
    Then PhotoZip tries to resize these embedded thumbnails. But this is not everytime possible.

    Since WP 2.5 it is much easier to upload more than one picture at once. Further WP 2.5 (and later versions) comes with a enhanced media library where you can have a nice preview of your uploaded pictures and it is now possible to insert pictures as galeries into posts.
    Because of these advancements, the Photozip plugin might be superfluously, although it works with WP 2.5 (and later versions).

    Since WP 2.7 I'm using the WP-own picture uploader to fill my image galleries. This uploader does what only PhotoZip made possible: upload more than one picture at once. But now you can use the WP-own uploader in a comparable manner. You simply select multiple files and click on "Upload" and WP does the rest.
    Because that procedure works so good I'm not going to continue the development of this plugin.
    I will try to answer your questions and help if someone else like to continue or to modify this plugin.

    One very helpful plugin for the switch from PhotoZip to the WP media uploader is probably the Add From Server plugin. This plugin "[...] allows you to browse the filesystem on the webserver and copy any files into the WordPress uploads system, Once "imported" it'll be treated as any other uploaded file, and you can access it via the Media [...]" library.

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    • latest english version for WP v2.1.x - WP 3.0.x

      If you are using WP 2.0.x then you can use v0.7, too. But you need to switch off the WYSIWYG-editor.


    • minimum PHP version: 4.3.2 (compilied with --enable-memory-limit)
    • Javascript must be enabled (in your browser)
    • min. WP v2.1.x


    • put the files and the folders from the archive file to the main folder of your weblog (or use an installer plugin like this Installer plugin of Matt Read )

      Differences to older versions:
      From PhotoZip v0.4.1 to v0.4.8, it was not possible to install the downloaded plugin file with the Installer plugin of Matt Read because it was necessary to put some files (and folders) in a directory which different to /wp-content/plugins/ (The WYSIWYG-editor button of PhotoZip is a little tinyMCE plugin.).

    • activate the plugin
    • During the first run the plugin will try to create a subfolder in /wp-content/uploads/ which is called photozip by default. Make sure that the plugin(s) has the permission to create this folder and subfolders in this folder. (All pictures which will uploaded with Photozip will stored in this folder.) (For more information about permissions, please have a look here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_File_Permissions )
    • If the PhotoZip does not appears automatically in the WYSIWYG-editor then reload the page.

    update to a new version:

    • It is very rercommended to deinstall older versions of the plugin before the new version will upload to your weblog to avoid errors!
    • If you do not delete the PhotoZip option (consists of the name of your last PhotoZip-upload folder) from the _options table of your weblog database then the old preference will be used in the new version. Otherwise the new installed version will use a default preference.
    • deinstall the old version and install the new one.
    • activate the plugin


    • Since version 0.3.8, PhotoZip adds some information to the database table _options (default table name: wp_options / option_name: pz_option). Since version 0.4, there is link in the short plugin description at the plugins page of your "site admin" which leads to a small delete dialog.
    • delete the plugin options in the database
    • deactivate the plugin
    • delete the folders and files
      (by default:
      /wp-content/plugins/photozip..../ and since v0.4.1 - v0.4.8

    new features:

    in version 0.7.2 beta 2 :

    • The PhotoZip button works in WP 3.0.

    in version 0.7.2 beta 1 :

    • I have fixed some very old and sloppy lines of PHP code which caused problems with newer PHP versions.

    in version 0.7.1 :

    • bug fixed in the function which checks the available memory for the processing of the thumbnails
    • the thumbnails size preview works in Safari, too

    in version 0.7 :

    • Version is compatible with the new WYSIWYIG-editor version tinyMCE 3.0 and the resp. WP 2.4/2.5.
    • The preview of the max. thumbnail size preview works correctly now.

    in version 0.6.3 :

    • The thumbnails and images will indicated in preview and inserted into posts sorted in alphabetical order. (With hint and help of Tony. Thank you!)(For more information, please have a look to comment nr.38.)

    in version 0.6.2 :

    • Now you can see the dimensions of the uploaded pictures and the thumbnails of the pictures in the overview
    • Improvement: After an rotation action, only the rotated picture will be refreshed (in this view of the Photozip).
    • Bug fixed in the rotation function: in the last versions the rotation has not worked after the upload of some files. Now rotation function should work every time.
    • Bug fixed in the overview function: Now Photozip compares correct the usage of the pictures and thumbnails in posts and the existence of the files on the server.
    • Some changes in dividing HTML code and CSS code

    in version 0.6.1 :

    • Bug fixed (PhotoZip should work now again on all systems where the command ulimit -t returns a non numeric value.)

    in version 0.6 :

    • preview of the content of the sub folders of the actual main upload folder on the first page/screen of PhotoZip
      • In this preview you can see the thumbnails of the pictures (if thumbnails exist).
      • Further PhotoZip shows if a picture and the thumbnail of a picture is used in an post of your weblog
        and shows how much times the picture and thumbnail URL could found
        and in which post (title + ID) the picture and the thumbnail is used.
    • Pictures from different sub folders (of the main upload folder on the server) can be combined inserted as one picture set with and without thumbnails in to a post.
      On the other hand, you can insert a single picture or some pictures from one sub folder into a post.
    • It is now possible to delete single pictures or a group pictures from different sub folders at one time.

    in version 0.5 :

    • PhotoZip takes the PHP Limit max_execution_time and the server limit maximum CPU time (ulimit -t) into consideration, now. So you can really upload many photos and pictures in one archive-file. (In older versions it was possible that the plugin stops without any error message during thumbnail production.)
      Hint: If it is not possible for the plugin to get these two limits from the system then the plugin uses the limit 10 seconds.
    • Via the plugins page in the "Site Admin" area you can reach now an information page which shows a lot of informations about the server limits and other setting which could be helpfully if you have problems with PhotoZip on your server.

    in version 0.4.9 :

    • PhotoZip supports now Greybox and Thickbox galeries, too.
    • Fixed a problem with the unzip procedure on the server
    • now it is possible to rotate already uploaded pictures (In the moment it is not possible to rotate uploaded JPG/JPEG pictures without losses)
    • further you can install PhotoZip via the Installer Plugin of Matt Read again. (When you going to update to this PhotoZip version, don't forget to delete the old folder /wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/photozip/ , too.)

    in version 0.4.8 :

    • Now you can upload and insert (into a post) pictures without creating thumbnails.

    in version 0.4.7 :

    • Now you can upload pictures without creating thumbnails. To do this choose at "max. thumbnail size" at the first page of the PhotoZip dialog "no thumbn." (at width or height select boxes).

    in version 0.4.6 (and for WP 2.0.x):

    • renamed all internal functions and some variables with the prefix "photozip_"

    in version 0.4.5 (and for WP 2.0.x):

    • support for .zip-, .tar-, .tar.gz-, .tar.bz2-archive files
    • Fixed some small things and improved the usibility of PhotoZip

    in version 0.4.4 (and for WP 2.0.x):

    • Now, PhotoZip looks more like WP Site Admin.
    • Fixed some small bugs

    in version 0.4.3 (and for WP 2.0.x):

    • a big bug fixed.
    • PhotoZip shows you how big the files could be (before the upload starts).

    in version 0.4.2 (and for WP 2.0.x):

    • It is possible to upload (JPG/JPEG with a embedded thumbnail) picture with a higher resolution. (for more infos, please have a look the plugin description)

    in version 0.4.1 :

    • PhotoZip v0.4.1 have a button in the WYSIWYG-editor of WordPress (only if you use WP 2.1.x) which works with Firefox and Internet Explorer. (advice: During the usage of PhotoZip v0.4.1, the plugins will switsch automatically between "visual" and "code" view of the editor.)

    in version 0.4 :

    • PhotoZip shows which photo file types are supported on the server and processes only the supported files.
      In general PhotoZip supports JPG/JPEG, PNG and now GIF.
    • PhotoZip should extract .tar-files, too
    • a small bug fixed

    in version 0.3.9 :

    • Now, the PhotoZip-button in the editor-toolbar works with the Internet Explorer, too. But this PhotoZip-button is only visible in the non-WYSIWIG editor view! So if you want to use this plugin with WordPress 2.0.x then you should uncheck the checkbox on page site admin -> users -> your profile. In the new WordPress 2.1 it is significant easier to switch between the WYSIWIG-view and the code-view of the editor as you can see on the screenshot.
      (Changes in the background (this should be not really important for the plugin usage): The HTML and Javascript code of the plugins will only added on page-new.php, page.php, post-new.php and post.php.)

    in version 0.3.8 :

    • The mainuploadfolder could be set and changed in the first window of the plugin. This mainuploadfolder is the place where the uploaded pictures were stored. If the choosen folder/s not exist then the plugin will create the folder/s.

    in version 0.3.7 :

    • possibility to set subtitles (and alternative image names) for the photos

    in version 0.3.6 :

    • The functionality of the Lightbox-Plugin will be used in the right way. Now, if you are uploading a fotoset then the name of the fotosetfolder will be used to identify this fotoset. The result is that only the fotos of each fotoset will shown as one lightbox gallery.

    in version 0.3.5 :

    • photozip is prepared for translation by using i18n and l10n standard, like WordPress recommends it there: http://codex.wordpress.org/ --> Writing a Plugin --> Localizing Plugins.
      (If you like to translate PhotoZip into your language, please have a look to this, too. Your .po- and .mo-file should named in this way: PhotoZip-es_ES.po or PhotoZip-es-ES.mo .This Example is for a Spanish (es) and Spain (ES) Version. The Names of the files should every time begin with "PhotoZip". At last you will need a special program to create .po- and .mo-files. Possible programs are listed here)

    in version 0.3.4 :

    • a possibility to produce Lightbox-galleries with PhotoZip (Lightbox is another WordPress-plugin made by Lokesh Dhakar)
      (There is small function which controls if there are one or more pictures to include in the article and adds the right HTML-parameter -> rel="Lightbox" or rel="lightbox[roadtrip]" .)
    • a possibility to decide between two kinds of adjustment of the thumbnails in the article -> side by side (with automatic break at end of the line) or all thumbnails in only one column
    • easy adjustable thumbnail size
    • (hopefully a little bit improved usability through a modified appearance of the user-interface)


    the english version:

    window 1: adjust thumbnail size / upload
    (PhotoZip v0.6)
    window 1 of the modified PhotoZip

    window 2: gallery or not / side-by side or one column / Insert
    (PhotoZip v0.4.9)
    window 2 of the modified PhotoZip

    Button, if you use the non-WYSIWYG-editor
    PhotoZip-button in non-WYSIWYG

    Button in the WYSIWYG-editor
    PhotoZip-button WYSIWYG

    The (AJAX) loading image was made with http://www.ajaxload.info/

  • PhotoZip (de)

    Hier ist die deutsche, veränderte Version des WordPress-Plugins PhotoZip v0.3 von Zz85.

    Was kann man mit PhotoZip machen:
    Man kann mehrere Bilddateien in einer .zip-, .tar-, .tar.gz- oder .tar.bz2- Archivdatei (ins WordPress Weblog) hochladen. Die Bilddateien werden entpackt und es werden automatisch Vorschaubilder erstellt. (Sie können aber auch einstellen, dass keine Vorschaubilder erstellt werden.) Diese Vorschaubilder können dann (mit Link zu den originalgroßen Bildern) in Beiträge eingebunden werden.

    Generell können Sie

    • das Hauptuploadverzeichnis,
    • die Größe der Vorschaubilder,
    • deren Anordnung im Beitrag (nebeneinander oder untereinander),
    • Rotation (JPG/JPEG- Bilder können momentan nur mit leichten Qualitätsverlusten auf dem Server gedreht)
    • und die Bildtitel verändern.

    Weiterhin wird angezeigt

    • ob die hoch geladenen Bilder und deren Vorschaubilder verwendet werden.
    • wie oft und in welchem Beitrag (Titel + ID) die Bild oder die Vorschaubild URL zu finden ist.


    • ist es möglich Bilder aus verschiedenen Unterverzeichnissen eines Hauptuploadverzeichnisses kombiniert in einem Bildset mit oder ohne Vorschaubilder in einen Beitrag einzufügen
      oder einzelne Bilder aus einem Unterverzeichnis in Beiträgen zu verwenden.
    • ist es möglich einzelne Bilder oder auch Gruppen von Bildern und den dazu gehörigen Vorschaubildern zu löschen.

    Diese Einstellungen können auch auf bereits hochgeladene Bilder angewendet werden. Weiterhin kann man die mit PhotoZip hochgeladene Dateien und die angelegten Verzeichnisse mit PhotoZip auch löschen.
    Außerdem ist es möglich spezielle Galerien zu erstellen. Von PhotoZip werden die Lightbox-, Thickbox-, Greybox- Galerietypen unterstützt. (Um Ihre Bilder in so einer Galerie anzeigen zu lassen, müssen Sie die entsprechenden Plugins separate installieren).
    Mit PhotoZip können grundsätzlich folgende Bilddateitypen hochgeladen werden: JPG/JPEG, PNG und GIF. Welche Bilddateitypen hochgeladen werden können, wird, neben der maximalen Größe der .Archivdatei, auch die maximale Größe einer Bilddatei ohne Bildkompression, beim Start des Plugins angezeigt. Diese Angaben sind vom jeweiligen Server abhängig. Sollten Sie nicht wissen, ob ihre hochzuladenden Bilder ohne Bildkompression jeweils größer sind als der Grenzwert, laden Sie sie einfach hoch. Sollte der verfügbare Speicher für die Erstellung eines Vorschaubildes nicht reichen und das Bild eine JPG/JPEG-Bilddatei sein, versucht eine Funktion, ein eingebetettes Vorschaubild, wie es oft in JPG/JPEG-Bilddateien vorhanden ist, zu finden und dieses eingebettete Vorschaubild zu nutzen. Anderenfalls wird die Datei vom Server gelöscht.
    Auf jeden Fall ist es jetzt möglich auch große JPG/JPEG-Bilder hochzuladen und zu nutzen. Allerdings können Sie nicht die größe der Vorschaubilder dieser großen Bilder bestimmen.
    Weiterhin wird PhotoZip versuchen gefundene eingebettete Vorschaubilder der gewählten Vorschaubildgröße anzupassen. Dies ist jedoch nicht immer möglich.

    Ab der WordPress Version 2.5 ist es möglich mit WP selbst mehrere Bilder hochzuladen und diese dann z.B. als Galerie in Beiträge einzubinden. Weiterhin wurde für WP 2.5 eine ernorm verbesserte Media Library geschrieben, so dass man nun sehr viel besser den überblich über die hochgeladene Bilder behält.
    Diese Verbesserungen machen das Photozip Plugin wahrscheinlich ein wenig überflüssig.

    Seit WP 2.7 benutze ich den Media Uploader Dialog von WordPress, um meine Bilder hochzuladen. Mit diesem Media Uploader ist das möglich, was vor WP 2.5 nur mit PhotoZip möglich war.
    Weil diese Upload-Prozedur so gut funktioniert, werde ich die Entwicklung des PhotoZip Plugins einstellen.
    Allerdings werde ich weiterhin versuchen alle Fragen zu beantworten und helfen falls jemand anderes dieses Plugin weiterentwickeln möchte.

    Bei der Umstellung sehr hilfreich ist wahrscheinlich das Plugin Add From Server. Mit diesem Plugin kann man alle Mediendateien, die man z.B. per FTP oder auch mit PhotoZip hochgeladen hat in die Medienbibliothek von WP hinzufügen.

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    • aktuelle deutsche Version: für WP v2.1.x -WP 3.0.x

      Wenn Sie noch WP 2.0.x nutzen können Sie auch v0.7 nutzen, müssen aber dazu den WYSIWYG-Editor abschalten.

    • alte Versionen
      • v0.7.2 beta 1 .zip ( 73KB; 18.05.2010 - 10:17)
      • v0.7.1 .zip ( 73KB; 26.11.2008 - 19:48)
      • v0.7.1 .tar.gz ( 63KB; 26.11.2008 - 19:48)
      • v0.7 .zip ( 73KB; 16.02.2008 - 20:32)
      • v0.7 .tar.gz ( 63KB; 16.02.2008 - 20:32)


    • min.PHP Version: 4.3.2 (kompiliert mit --enable-memory-limit)
    • Javascript muss erlaubt sein (Einstellung in ihrem Browser)
    • mind. WP v2.1.x (u.U. WP 2.0.x)


    • Bitte kopieren Sie die Dateien und Verzeichnisse aus der Archivdatei in das Hauptverzeichnis ihres Weblogs.
      Die Datei und Verzeichnisse sollte auf jeden Fall wie folgt platziert werden:

      Unterschiede zu älteren Versionen:
      Von PhotoZip v0.4.1 bis v0.4.8 war es nicht möglich die heruntergeladene .zip-Datei mit dem Installer Plugin von Matt Read zu benutzen, weil es nun auch notwendig ist einige Dateien und Verzeichnisse außerhalb, des für WordPress Plugins vorgesehenen Verzeichnisses /wp-content/plugins/ zu kopieren (Der PhotoZip-Knopf im WYSIWYG-Editor ist ein kleines tinyMCE Plugin.).

    • Aktivieren Sie das Plugin.
    • Beim ersten Start wird Photozip versuchen, das Verzeichnis /photozip im Verzeichnis /wp-content/uploads anzulegen. Bitte beachten Sie, dass dem Plugin ausreichende Rechte auf dem Server zur Verfügung stehen. (Mehr Infos zum Thema Rechte gibts z.B. hier: http://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_File_Permissions) (In diesem Verzeichnis werden alle Bilder, die mit Photozip hochgeladen werden, abgelegt.)
    • Wenn das Symbol für PhotoZip nicht in der Symbolleiste des WYSIWYG-Editors erscheint, klicken Sie bitte auf "Neu laden" oder "Aktualisieren" in ihrem Browser.

    umsteigen auf eine neue Version:

    • Deaktivieren Sie das Plugin.
    • Es wird empfohlen ältere Versionen von PhotoZip zu deinstallieren, bevor einen neue Version installeirt wird, um Fehlfunktionen zu vermeiden.
    • Wenn Sie die Einstellungen von älteren PhotoZip Versionen nicht aus der Datenbank löschen (siehe Deinstallation), dann werden diese Einstellungen (der Name des PhotoZip-Hauptuploadverzeichnisses) von der neuen Version übernommen und weiter genutzt. Anderenfalls wird die neue Version die Standardeinstellung benutzen.
    • Installieren Sie dann die neue Version über die alte Version
    • Aktivieren Sie das Plugin.


    • Seit Version 0.3.8 legt PhotoZip Informationen in der Datenbanktabelle _options (standardmäßig: wp_options / option_name: pz_option) ab. Seit Version 0.4 gibt es in der Pluginkurzbeschreibung auf der Plugins-Seite im "Site Admin" Bereich einen Link, der zu einem kleinen Löschdialog führt, mit dem man diese Variable löschen kann.
    • Löschen Sie die Inforamtionen aus der Datenbank.
    • Deaktivieren Sie das Plugin.
    • Löschen Sie die Verzeichnisse und Datei
      /wp-content/plugins/photozip..../ und seit v0.4.1 - v0.4.8

    neue Funtkionen:

    in Version 0.7.2 beta 2 :

    • Der PhotoZip Button ist auch in WP 3.0 verfügbar.
    • kleinere Korrekturen

    in Version 0.7.1 :

    • Ein Fehler in der Funktion, die den verfügbaren Speicher ermittelt, wurde behoben.
    • Die Vorschau der Thumbnailgröße funktioniert nun auch mit dem Safari-Browser.

    in Version 0.7 :

    • Die Version 0.7 ist auch kompatibel zu dem in WordPress 2.4 bzw. 2.5 verwendeten WYSIWYIG-Editor tinyMCE 3.0.
    • Die Vorschau der max. Vorschaubildgröße funktioniert jetzt richtig (Breite und Höhe waren in der Anzeige vertauscht).

    in Version 0.6.3 :

    • Die Vorschaubilder und Bilder werden nun in der Vorschau und in die Beiträge in alphabethischer Reihefolge angezeigt bzw. eingefügt. (Danke an Tony für den Hinweis und die Hilfe (siehe Kommentar 38))

    in Version 0.6.2 :

    • ab dieser Version werden auch die Abmessungen der Vorschaubilder in der Foto/Bilder-Verzeichisverwaltung von Photozip
    • Verbesserung: nach dem ausführen der Rotationsfunktion wird nur noch das gedrehte Bild neugeladen (in dieser Ansicht von Photozip).
    • Fehler bzgl. der Rotationsfunktion beseitig: in der letzten versionen funktionierte die Rotationsfunktion nur, wenn man in der Foto/Bilder-Verzeichisverwaltung bereits hochgeladenen Bilder zum Einfügen auswählte. Nun funktioniert dies aber auch gleich nachdem Hochladen.
    • Fehler bzgl. der Foto/Bilder-Verzeichisverwaltung beseitig: Photozip zeigt nun korrekter an, ob ein Bild bzw. dessen Vorschaubilder Verwendet wird und ob es in Beiträgen verwendet wird.
    • Es wurde auch an verschiedenen Stellen HTML und CSS Code getrennt.

    in Version 0.6.1 :

    • Fehler beseitigt (PhotoZip sollte jetzt auch wieder auf allen Systemen laufen, von denen auf den Befehl ulimit -t ein nichtnumerischer Wert ausgegeben wird.)

    in Version 0.6 :

    • Vorschau des Inhalts der Unterverzeichnisse des aktuellen Hauptuploadverzeichnisses:
      • Vorschau der Bilder mit Vorschaubildern (falls vorhanden).
      • Weiterhin wird in dieser Vorschau auch angezeigt, ob und in welchen Beiträgen das jeweilige Bild bzw. Vorschaubild URL verwendet wird und wie oft. Bei einer Verwendung, werden die Beitragstitel und -ID angezeigt.
    • Es ist nun auch möglich Bilder aus verschiedenen Unterverzeichnissen eines Hauptuploadverzeichnisses kombiniert in einem Bildset mit oder ohne Vorschaubilder in einen Beitrag einzufügen oder einzelne Bilder aus einem Unterverzeichnis in Beiträgen zu verwenden.
    • Außerdem ist nun auch möglich einzelne Bilder oder auch Gruppen von Bildern und den dazu gehörigen Vorschaubildern zu löschen.

    in Version 0.5 :

    • PhotoZip berücksichtigt nun auch das PHP Limit max_execution_time und das Server limit maximum CPU time (ulimit -t), so dass Sie nun auch Archiv-Dateien mit vielen Bilddateien hochladen und verarbeiten lassen können. (Bei verangegangenen Versionen konnte es vorkommen, dass während der Herstellung der Vorschaubilder, das Plugin ohne Fehlermeldung stehen blieb.)
      Hinweis: Wenn das Plugin diese beiden Limits nicht ermitteln kann, wird das Limit 10 Sekunden genutzt.
    • Weiterhin gibt es nun auch eine Seite, auf der wichtige Servereinstellungen angezeigt, welche hilfreich sein können, wenn Sie Probleme mit dem Photozip Plugin haben.

    in Version 0.4.9 :

    • PhotoZip unterstützt jetzt auch Thickbox- und Greybox-Galerien
    • Problem beim entpacken der Bilddatei auf dem Server behoben
    • Bilder können nach dem Upload in der Vorschauansicht (vor dem Einfügen in den Beitrag) gedreht werden. (JPG/JPEG- Bilder können momentan nur mit leichten Qualitätsverlusten auf dem Server gedreht)
    • PhotoZip kann jetzt wieder mit dem Installer Plugin von Matt Read installiert werden. (Beim Update auf diese PhotoZip Version sollten Sie nicht vergessen, auch die alten Dateien aus dem Verzeichnis /wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/photozip/ zu löschen.)

    in Version 0.4.8 :

    • Es ist nun möglich Bilddateien hochzuladen und in einen Beitrag einzufügen, ohne dass Vorschaubilder erstellt werden.

    in Version 0.4.7 :

    • Es ist nun auch möglich Bilddateien hochzuladen, ohne dass Vorschaubilder erstellt werden. Wählen Sie dazu einfach bei "max. Vorschaubildgröße" auf der Anfangsseite des PhotoZip Dialogs "keine V.bilder" aus (bei Breite oder Höhe ist egal).

    in Version 0.4.6 (und for WP 2.0.x):

    • die internen Funktionen und einige Variablennamen wurden mit dem Präfix versehen

    in Version 0.4.5 (und for WP 2.0.x):

    • Unterstützung von .zip-, .tar-, .tar.gz-, .tar.bz2-Archivdateien
    • verbesserte benutzbarkeit von PhotoZip

    in Version 0.4.4 (und für WP 2.0.x):

    • Design an WP angepasst
    • ein paar kleine Fehler wurden beseitigt

    in Version 0.4.3 (und für WP 2.0.x):

    • ein Fehler wurde beseitigt
    • PhotoZip zeigt nun die max. möglichen Dateigrößen an (bevor der Upload gestartet wird)

    in Version 0.4.2 (und für WP 2.0.x):

    • Es ist nun auch möglich Bilder mit höherer Auflösung hochzuladen (wenn es JPG/JPEG mit eingebetteten Vorschaubildern sind) und zu nutzen. (Weiteres entnehmen Sie bitte der Pluginbeschreibung.)

    in Version 0.4.1 :

    • PhotoZip v0.4.1 verfügt nun auch über einen Knopf im WYSIWYG-Editor von WordPress (nur WP 2.1+), welcher in Verwendung mit dem Firefox, Opera und dem Internet Explorer funktioniert. (Hinweis: Während der Nutzung von PhotoZip v0.4.1 schaltet das Plugin selbsttätig zwischen der "Visuell" und "Code" Ansicht hin und her.)

    in Version 0.4 :

    • PhotoZip zeigt ab jetzt auch an, welche Bilddateitypen hochgeladen werden können. (Dies hängt von der PHP-Installation auf dem Server ab.)
      Von PhotoZip werden JPG/JPEG, PNG und nun auch GIF unterstützt.
    • PhotoZip sollte nun auch tar-Dateien entpacken können.
    • kleinere Fehler beseitigt

    in Version 0.3.9 :

    • Der PhotoZip-Knopf funktioniert nun auch im Internet Explorer und ist besser in die Editorleiste eingebunden. Allerdings ist der Knopf nur zu sehen, wenn nicht die WYSIWIG-Ansicht des Editor benutzt wird! Man muss bei den älteren WordPress Versionen 2.0.x im Menü Benutzer -> Dein Profil den Haken aus dem Kästchen Beim Schreiben den WYSIWYG-Editor benutzen. entfernen. In der neuen Version 2.1 kann man direkt am Editor die Ansicht umschalten, was deutlich einfacher ist, wie man auf dem Screenshot sehen kann.
      (Änderungen im Hintergrund (sollte nicht wichtig für die Bedienung des Plugins sein): Der für das Plugin notwendige HTML- und Javascript-Code wird nun nur noch auf beim Öffnen der Seiten page.php, page-new.php, post.php und post-new.php eingbunden.)

    in Version 0.3.8 :

    • Das Hauptuploadverzeichnis, in dem weitere Verzeichnisse beim hochladen angelegt werden, kann jetzt im Fenster 1 des Plugins festgelegt und geändert werden. Nicht vorhandene Verzeichnisse werden vom Plugin selbsttätig angelegt.

    in Version 0.3.7 :

    • Eingabemöglichkeit für Bildtitel (und alternative Bildnamen)

    in Version 0.3.6 :

    • In Version 0.3.6 wird nun die Funktionalität des Lightbox-Plugins richtig genutzt. Beim einfügen von Fotos in einen neuen Artikel wird nun der Name des upload-Verzteichnisses dieser Fotos genutzt, um die in den Artikel eingefügten Fotos zu identifizieren. So werden nun nur die Fotos des jeweiligen Fotosets in der Lightbox-Galerieansicht angezeigt.

    in Version 0.3.5 :

    in Version 0.3.4 :

    • Möglichkeit zum Erzeugen von Lightbox-Galerien mit PhotoZip (Lightbox ist ein anderes WordPress-Plugin von Lokesh Dhakar, mit dem man schöne Galerien in die Blogbeiträge einfügen kann.)
      (Die neue Funktion kontrolliert auch ob ein oder mehrere Bilder eingefügt werden und fügt den entsprechenden HTML-Parameter -> rel="Lightbox" or rel="lightbox[roadtrip]" hinzu.)
    • man kann über Anordnung der Vorschaubilder im Artikel entscheiden -> nebeneinander (mit automatischem Zeilenumbruch) oder untereinander
    • einfache Möglichkeit dieVorschaubildgröße anzupassen

Feedlogo Kommentare zu PhotoZip / comments to PhotoZip:

55 Kommentare / comments

letzter Kommentar geschrieben von / last comment written by

http://www.cheaphandbagshop.org - 24.01.2013 - 08:40:09

nr. 1 -- Betreff / subject: erster Eintrag / first entry

Dies ist der Platz für Fragen und Anregungen bzgl. des PhotoZip Plugins. / This is the place for questions and suggestions in relation to the PhotoZip plugin.

von / written by Tim - 21.05.2007 - 01:20:43

nr. 2 -- Betreff / subject: fatal error

Hi, I really want to use the photozip plugin. When I uploaded the files and tried to activate the plugin, wordpress refused showing this error. "Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error." I hope you can help me out here. I'm using Wordpress 2.2 and my server is running apache and php5 on ubuntu linux 6.06.


von / written by Tim - 22.05.2007 - 11:12:56

nr. 3 -- Betreff / subject: re: fatal error

I suppose that the problem is caused by duplicate function names. In the last versions I was a little bit careless while naming the functions. So it is possible that v0.4.3 - v0.4.5 include functions with the same name like functions of other plugins.
If this is the reason the new version v0.4.6 should be helpfully.
If this not solve your problem then tell me your other WP plugins and the language version of your WP, please.

von / written by Tim B. - 22.05.2007 - 15:12:47

nr. 4 -- Betreff / subject: fatal error

Thanks for the quick response. I've tried again and the error is gone!

I've been trying out new plugins today so I'm not sure which plugin may have been causing this errors. It could have been and old version of the WPG2 plugin or a plugin called 'Filosofo Old-Style Upload'. I'm using the English version of WordPress. Thanks again!

von / written by Tim - 22.05.2007 - 15:38:51

nr. 5

Hi, same question as I asked Zz85, the plugins seems to always create thumbnails, how can i switch the creation of thumbnails off? tnx.

von / written by Andrew - 1.06.2007 - 17:43:33

nr. 6 -- Betreff / subject: no thumbnails

Hi Andrew, there is no such option. The plugin creates every thumbnails. But I think that is a useful feature for the next version (or maybe for separate plugin). I'm not sure how much time i will need for this (2 weeks from now?). Have you tried the "Just unzip" plugin? It is downloadable here: http://dev.wp-plugins.org/wiki/JustUnzip.

von / written by Tim B. - 3.06.2007 - 22:14:37

nr. 7 -- Betreff / subject: re

yeah, Tim, ive tried it but cant actually make it work...and your plugin is so much better. I tried modifying yours by myself but im not a php guy so it seems quite difficult for me...what i figured out is that it wont create thumbnails if i set one of these parameters to a bigger number

<option value=100>100</option>
<option value=120>120</option>
<option value=140>140</option>
<option value=160>160</option>
<option value=180>180</option>

I set like 900x900px and it wont create thumbnails then cause the picture by itself is smaller...but one problem remains...when i press "insert and close" i still get this kind of link even though there is no thumbnail on the server:

<a href="http://domain.com/wp-content/uploads/only2/12.jpg" title="only2_0"><img src="http://domain.com/wp-content/uploads/only2/.thumbs2/12.jpg" alt="only2_0" /></a>

so im now trying to change the link template so it would look like <img src=...> ))

so yeah, it would be really cool if you could add such a feature in the future versions....\\

von / written by Andrew - 3.06.2007 - 23:28:02

nr. 8 -- Betreff / subject: re (2)

hm...it still creates thumbnails but of the same size as the picture...(i mean if i set 900x900) :((

von / written by Andrew - 3.06.2007 - 23:42:59

nr. 9 -- Betreff / subject: re (3)

one more thing :)) sorry for spamming, but im just trying to adapt the plugin for my site cause its like the only one in the market of this kind...(zz85`s photozip seems to be a bit outdated)..

meanwhile, in zz85's photozip we can set the path to upload folder in an absolute way...i mean like ../user/domain.com/upload This allows to separate WP from pictures by uploading pictures to a sub-domain, like imgs.domain.com but in your plugin only same domain can be used...(maybe a bit confusing explanation but i hope u get what i mean)...

so maybe in future releases you consider this feature as well :)) this would be quite handy...

von / written by Andrew - 3.06.2007 - 23:57:06

nr. 10 -- Betreff / subject: thumbnails and subdomains

Andrew, tomorrow, i will publish a new version. Than it will be possible to choose "don't make thumbails". The plugin (047) will only upload and unpack the pictures and then it everyone can change thee size via the WYSIWYG-editor of wordpress or you resize the pictures before the upload.

Subdomains: If you like to choose another subdomain then you could do this relatively easy: Please have look to the lines 50-80. There is the place where the definition of the absolute address is.
I think if you change $home_path and $photozip_blogurl then it shouldn't be a problem for the plugin to put the picture to another subdomain. $photozip_blogurl contains the domaine name (e.g. http://www.xyz.com) and $home_path the same with a trailing slash. (Important for the rest of the plugin are $photozip_moveto_path, $photozip_viewsaddress, $photozip_contentfolder.) By the manager_mce.php opens after clicking in the WYSIWYG-editor on the photozip-button and manager.php after clicking on the button while you have turned of the WYSIWYG-editor on the user profile page. If want you want to know what the differences are then look to lines 841-842 and 737 in manger_mce.php or manager.php of version v0.4.6.

von / written by Tim B. - 4.06.2007 - 02:25:07

nr. 11 -- Betreff / subject: resize pictures

Uploaded pictures will be resized only if they are bigger than the max. thumbnail size. (function photozip_resize())

von / written by Tim B. - 4.06.2007 - 02:39:04

nr. 12

Wow, you are so fast, thanks a lot...i will try it tomorrow, cheers!

von / written by Andrew - 4.06.2007 - 03:37:44

nr. 13 -- Betreff / subject: re

Hello again :) tested the new version, uploading works fine...but then you cant do anything with pictures...you cant insert them in post as with thumbnails...

von / written by Andrew - 4.06.2007 - 14:22:17

nr. 14 -- Betreff / subject: v0.4.7

Yes, you are right. More changes will need more time. But generally you can switch after the upload to the WYSIWYG-editor and put the pictures via the WordPress function (below the editor) into the post.
(by the way: less minutes ago i have put some additional notes to the function photozip_resize() in manager_mce.php which maybe explain how it is possible to use the function to resize picture in every way.)

von / written by Tim B. - 4.06.2007 - 15:21:37

nr. 15 -- Betreff / subject: new

yeah, it would be great if some time later you add a feature of inserting pictures without thumbnails as well...meanwhile, i managed to upload pictures to a subdomain, thanks to your help...

maybe someone needs this, i just changed lines 70-73:

(70) $photozip_siteurl = 'http://img.xyz.com';
(71) $photozip_blogurl = 'http://img.xyz.com';
(72) $home_path = '/home/user/img.xyz.com/';
(73) $home_path = trailingslashit($root . $home_path);

and then, of course, i changed the default "wp-content/uploads" folder by doing a find-replace "wp-content/" with "something/"

maybe this is useful for someone...i did this cause in the future i want to host pictures and wp on different servers so it will be easier manage everything...

von / written by Andrew - 4.06.2007 - 18:51:58

nr. 16 -- Betreff / subject: v0.4.8

I have added a insert-function in this version. The image titles and the alternete text (alt) will derived from the file names.

von / written by Tim B. - 4.06.2007 - 19:17:22

nr. 17 -- Betreff / subject: re

Wow... you r amazing! thanks so much, adding tens of pictures in just several clicks is so cool...

von / written by Andrew - 4.06.2007 - 19:29:03

nr. 18 -- Betreff / subject: mail

Just checked mail, thx!

von / written by Andrew - 4.06.2007 - 23:07:53

nr. 19 -- Betreff / subject: Works with modification for Wordpress MU

I am trying to get photozip working for Wordpress MU.

Install works up untill attempting to upload the zip file.

Error message is related to the following php command.
in manager_mce.php

require_once( dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname( __FILE__ )))) . "/wp-config.php");
//header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=' . get_bloginfo('charset'));
if ( (is_null($user_login)) or ($user_level < 1) ) { // Checks to see if user has logged in
die (__('It seems that you are not logged in. Delete the cookies in your browser, log in and try it again. OR You are not allowed to edit posts. (user level < 1)', 'PhotoZip'));

I got around this error by forcing it to ignore the error by deleting the section:
if ( (is_null($user_login)) or ($user_level < 1) ) { // Checks to see if user has logged in
die (__('It seems that you are not logged in. Delete the cookies in your browser, log in and try it again. OR You are not allowed to edit posts. (user level < 1)', 'PhotoZip'));

It then skips ahead and processes the .zip. If anyone has a more elegant approach post it here. Otherwise this is a fast way to upload bulk photos to your blog using Wordpress MU

von / written by Jeff - 6.06.2007 - 23:40:43

nr. 20 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Works with modification for Wordpress MU

Hi Jeff, thanks for that report!
I have looked into the source of WordPress and WordPress MU and I think if you would replace the first lines in manager_mce.php and manager.php with the following lines it should work with WordPress MU, too. (I hope so)

require_once( dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname( __FILE__ )))) . "/wp-config.php");
$user = wp_get_current_user();
if ($user->id == 0) {
die (__('It seems that you are not logged in. Delete the cookies in your browser, log in and try it again.', 'PhotoZip'));
} elseif ( isset($user->user_level) and intval($user->user_level) < 1 ) {
die (__('You are not allowed to edit posts. (user level < 1)', 'PhotoZip'));

I have no possibility to test that changed lines with Wordpress MU and I had have not such a problem on my test systems.
That is why I would like to please you to try this new lines. If your test is successfully I will put this lines into the nextz version.
If it don't work then I would be appreciate if you could try this:

require_once( dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname( __FILE__ )))) . "/wp-config.php");
if (is_user_logged_in() === false) {
die (__('It seems that you are not logged in. Delete the cookies in your browser, log in and try it again.', 'PhotoZip'));

The line which starts with "require_once( dirname ..." is really important in every case. The If-condition controls that the users are logged in and have a user level that is higher than 1.
If you remove this if-condition PhotoZip will work as well as with these lines but for every one (unregistered persons, too).
You can get more information about WP user level and roles here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities

I hope that this is helpfully!

von / written by Tim B. - 8.06.2007 - 20:10:13

nr. 21 -- Betreff / subject: PhotoZip and WP MU

I have found out a way to install WP MU (1.2.2) on my test system and now i would say that PhotoZip v0.4.9 works with WP MU.
I could discover only two little issues: the WYSIWYG editor don't switch back automatically from "code"- to "visual"-view after closing the PhotoZip popup window and the not-changeable part of the main upload folder name (in the first screen of the PZ popup window) seems to be different in every sub blog. But on the server the main upload folder is every time the same and the pictures which was uploaded with PhotoZip are usable for every user.

von / written by Tim B. - 25.06.2007 - 01:38:48

nr. 22 -- Betreff / subject: doesn't create thumbnail

i recently moved to a dedicated server but your plugin is the only one not working. It does upload the zip but it doesnt create thumbnails. it just says: Please be patient while the server creates proccess file. 1 / 1 photos

This happens no matter how many photos i upload with different size. I used the config check and here's the output:

* maximum CPU time (in seconds) : unlimited
* maximum file size (in 512-byte blocks) : unlimited
* maximum size of data segment or heap (in kbytes) : unlimited

PHP Limits

* max_input_time (in sec.) : 60
After this time the uploads will interrupted. -1 means no limit.
* max_execution_time : 30
After this time a running PHP script will interrupted. If maximum CPU time smaller then this value is not important.
* memory_limit : 32M
The max. memory on the server for all of your PHP scripts. (The write a post page of WordPress 2.2.1 needs around 8884.44 KB.)
* file_uploads : 1
file_uploads == 1 means uploads allowed.
* upload_max_filesize : 2M
The maximum size of an uploaded file.
* post_max_size : 8M
This is the limit of the file size of your upload file (which will be uploaded via POST method).
* The function memory_get_usage exists. (That is very good.)

PhotoZip needs these PHP extensions to process the photos:

* GD library: bundled (2.0.28 compatible) is installed on the server
* EXIF library: is installed on the server (It is possible to search embedded thumbnails.)

Please help

von / written by ricardo - 20.07.2007 - 02:00:11

nr. 23 -- Betreff / subject: RE: doesn't create thumbnail

Hi Ricardo,
a upload_max_filesize of 2MB is very small. If you are allowed to change that value then increase it. In my opinion upload_max_filesize should be not smaller than post_max_size.
This small upload_max_filesize can be the reason of the problem. But to clear the problem i need some more information:
- What types of image files have you tried to upload?
- Are you sure that the upload works? (Are the pictures in the whiched folder? Exist in this folder sub folders with names like this: .thumb1/ ?)
- Is in the freezed popup window nothing more like "Please be patient while the server creates proccess file. 1 / 1 photos
"? (no file name?) (Is there every time the message: "... 1/1 photos" independently of the number of pictures in the archive file?)

Further delete the @ - signs in lines 303-315 of manager_mce.php (function photozip_resize) and try upload one of your archive files again. (Maybe this @ signs catch some error messages which are helpful.)
Please try this and post the correct and complete error message here (or tell if there will not appear an error message).

von / written by Tim B. - 20.07.2007 - 12:29:03

nr. 24 -- Betreff / subject: still no go

1. Upload works cause im able to see the pictures
2. The tumbnail creation is not working.

Followed your instruction and made the change to php.ini and restarted Apache. Running the congis check i was able to see the change.

removed @ from the lines u mentioned.

I tried it again and is still dont work.
Please be patient while the server creates proccess file. 1 / 1 photos"?. It does show differents numbers depending how many pictures i upload.

I see the hourglass but it doesnt create the thumbnail even if i click on : Click here to continue to create thumbnails

von / written by Ricardo - 20.07.2007 - 17:24:35

nr. 25 -- Betreff / subject: side note

on a site note. I'm able to use another plugin which let's me upload/create thumbnails and it works fine. I like your better because it let me upload zip files which really helps out. i wish to get it fix

von / written by ricardo - 20.07.2007 - 17:31:34

nr. 26 -- Betreff / subject: Re: still no go

Hi Ricardo,
i don't know the number of files in your archive file still not yet. But will try to make the right suggestions:
The sentence "Please be patient while the server processes 1/1 photos." means that there is only one picture file. So if you have tried to upload more than one picture in the archive file the problem is seems to be somewhere the function which gets the file names from the folder. Because of that it is important for me to know how much pictures were in your file!

If there was only one file in the archive file and the on the screen between "Please be patient while the server processes 1/1 photos." and "Click here to continue to create thumbnails" was nothing like "Working on photo #1..." something went in the function which gets the file names from the folder, too or this action needed to much time (more than 30sec of your max_execution_time). But this time this timeout would be really unusual. So please try to write here the complete and correct screen messages of the screen which freezes everytime!
Further please write me how much files are in your test archive file. And please write me which file types these files are (e.g. .gif, .jpg).
Further tell me how big these files are (in kBytes), please.

(You can also send me your archive file, so i can try to reproduce this bug.)

You have written: "1. Upload works cause im able to see the pictures" Where can you see the pictures? Via your FTP client? In the preview on the first screen of the PhotoZip popup window? (I guess that you can't see thumbnails there.?)

von / written by Tim B. - 20.07.2007 - 19:56:04

nr. 27 -- Betreff / subject: still not working

Let me clarify.

"Please be patient while the server processes 1/1 photos." this message came up cause i only uploaded 1 pic. when i uploded 3 then it was "Please be patient while the server processes 3/3 photos." The screen never freeze it just goes on a loop saying the same thing and the hourglass

i'm able to see the pictures from the PhotoZip popup window but not thumbnails.

i included screenshots

1. http://tinyurl.com/2conr2 - Trying to create thumbnails
2. http://tinyurl.com/yobw5h - no thumbnails

von / written by ricardo - 20.07.2007 - 22:44:19

nr. 28 -- Betreff / subject: still trying

the problem im having is creating the thumbnail. I just ulploaded some pics and selected no thumbnails and it did upload them. But still cant create thumbnails.

von / written by ricardo - 20.07.2007 - 23:33:45

nr. 29 -- Betreff / subject: Re: still not working

Your clarification was helpfully for and I think that i could locate the problem.
It needs some seconds to create a thumbnail of a picture on the server and in the same moment the execution time for PHP scripts is limited by max_execution_time in the php.ini. The time limit I know is the maximum CPU time on LINUX/UNIX systems.
With PZ you can (usually) upload a lot of pictures in one archive and produce thumbnails of all this pictures. So sometimes it could happen that one of the time limits is reached. If this happens the script prints to the screen "Click here to continue to create thumbnails" and scripts will be started via the HTML -tag meta-refresh in the next second and goes on at the place when stops.

to your problem: It seems that the script needs more than 28 (you have written that your max_execution_time is 30 sec. and the script is uses a small tolerance of setting (1.5 sec)) seconds to start the creation of the first thumbnail. To inspect this: please install this modified manager_mce.php file: http://home.snafu.de/tj.berger/downloads/manager_mce.zip

I have inserted into this file some commands which put out the time limit which this script have choosen, the start time and the time right before the know loop starts.
Further i have inserted a little control condition that stops the loop if no thumbnail was created - like in your case.

It would be nice if you can make an other screenshot while a test with this manager_mce.php.

With this manager_mce.php the output should look like in this way http://home.snafu.de/tj.berger/bilder/photozip/screen2.jpg (on your sreen probably only the first 10 lines)

This will confirm my suggestion and maybe show if there is a problem with max. execution time which the function uses. Or with other words: if max_execution_time or the max CPU time (if there is such a limit) from the config check page is not equal to the max_execution_time_pz then i can say more exactly where the bug is.
So please, try this mangaer_mce.php and make a screenshot of the output.
Thank you!

von / written by Tim B. - 21.07.2007 - 01:41:50

nr. 30 -- Betreff / subject: Re: still trying

>the problem im having is creating the thumbnail. I just ulploaded >some pics and selected no thumbnails and it did upload them. >But still cant create thumbnails.

Yes, an upload without creating thumbnails doesn't touch the critical function. (Further it should be possible to insert the picture s without linked thumbnails into post without problems.)

But please try at next the new manager_mce.php and tell or show me what you see.

von / written by Tim B. - 21.07.2007 - 01:49:01

nr. 31 -- Betreff / subject: still trying

this is the output i get

Please be patient while the server processes 3 / 3 photos.
$mydir: /var/www/vhosts/mywebsite.com/httpdocs/wp-content/uploads/photozip/test3
$photozip_dir: test3
$imgnbr: 0
$numberofimages: 3
max_execution_time_pz: 0 in sec.
the script startet at: 22:07:05
the time now is: 22:07:05
time gone since script start: 0

Time is over before the thumbnail can be processed. Try to increase max_execution_time or try to upload smaller pictures.

von / written by ricardo - 21.07.2007 - 05:44:35

nr. 32 -- Betreff / subject: manager_mce.php v0.6.1 RC 1

Hi Ricardo,

i have found out a bug which don't occurs an error an on my test systems but probably on all systems where ulimit -t returns a value that is not a number.
I have patched this issue. Please, try this manager_mce.php: http://home.snafu.de/tj.berger/downloads/manager_mce_v061rc1.zip
If this works for you, i will put out a new version of PhotoZip for all.

von / written by Tim B. - 21.07.2007 - 12:42:36

nr. 33 -- Betreff / subject: Yesssssssssssssssss

Success. It works after uploading that file.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. You are the best

von / written by ricardo - 21.07.2007 - 22:32:02

nr. 34 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Yesssssssssssssssss

Thank you for the bug report and your help to find the bug!

von / written by Tim B. - 21.07.2007 - 23:06:27

nr. 35 -- Betreff / subject: Upload des Plugins

Hallo Tim,
bei der Installation des Plugins konnte ich erstmals den TinyMCE nicht dazu bringen mir den button anzuzeigen. Wenn ich ihn ausgestellt habe, konnte ich das Plugin aufrufen. Dann habe ich gesehen dass bei deinen Deinstallation-Instruktionen steht dass ein Ordner "Photozip" aus /wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/photozip/ entfernt werden muss. Also hab ich den Ordner "photozip_tinymce_button" in den entsprechenden Ordern kopiert und umbenannt und nun läufts. Ist da bei mir was bei der Installation schiefgelaufen oder könnte es sein, dass die Installations-Instruktionen nicht ganz korrrekt sind?

Auf alle Fälle grosses Lob für deine Weiterarbeit an Photozip!
Lieber Gruss,

von / written by Benjamin Wiederkehr - 14.09.2007 - 08:50:39

nr. 36 -- Betreff / subject: Upload des Plugins

Lieber Benjamin,
da in deinen Blog-Dateien das Verzeichnis /wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/photozip/ existiert, vermute ich mal, dass du von einer v.4.x umgestiegen bist.
Seit PhotoZip 0.4.9 habe ich die Dateistruktur etwas verändert, so dass alle Dateien von PhotoZip nur noch in einem Verzeichnis liegen (wp-content/plugins/photozip/...) und nicht mehr wie in den Versionen v0.4.1-v0.4.8 in verschiedenen Verzeichnissen.
Wenn man nun auf die aktuelle Version 0.6.2 umsteigt, sollte man das Verzeichnis /wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/photozip löschen, die alten Datei in /wp-content/plugins/photozip löschen und die neuen Dateien, wie oben beschrieben, installieren. Die Dateien aus /wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/photozip liegen in der aktuellen Version in einem Unterverzeichnis von /wp-content/plugins/photozip und sollten auch dort bleiben.

Wenn PhotoZip neuinstalliert wird und der Browsercachespeichersehr oft geleert wird, dann muss man u.U. auf der Seite "neuen Beitrag (schreiben)" auf "Neu laden" bzw. "Aktualisieren" klicken.

Wenn ich dir nicht richtig weiterhelfen konnte, möchte ich dich bitten, den Ablauf deiner Installation und alles was dann folgte etwas genauer zu beschreiben (Neuinstallation (welcher Version)? Umstieg von welcher Version auf welche Version? Welche Dateien/Ordner von welchem Ort, wohin kopiert?)

von / written by Tim B. - 14.09.2007 - 13:08:19

nr. 37 -- Betreff / subject: Image Sorting

I name my images like this



But when they are uploaded, the images are not sorted any more in that order. Please help me out how to fix that so I can preserve the order of images after upload.


von / written by TonySoprano - 24.09.2007 - 11:32:30

nr. 38 -- Betreff / subject: Image Sorting - solved

In order too keep your files sorted modify following files:
manager_mce.php - on line 435 add following line:


right before line: return $images;

Also edit file photozip_folder_details_ajax.php add line 76

right before line: return $files;

This will get your thumbs sorted in the alphabetical order.


von / written by TonySoprano - 24.09.2007 - 12:02:33

nr. 39 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Image Sorting - solved

Thank you Tony for that hint!
I will put this functionality into the next version and with your hints, I think that i will publish this next version until tomorrow.

von / written by Tim B. - 24.09.2007 - 12:20:57

nr. 40 -- Betreff / subject: Folder Permissions?

Hello. I get this error: Could not create a photo directory. Make sure your script have permissions.

Where shoud the "$photozip_photofolder" folder go in the directory, & what should it be named? I must be missing something, or just a bonehead. I see no plug-in options under "options" on my Admin panel. I've been searching the php files with no luck. HELP!



von / written by Jim - 30.09.2007 - 01:06:57

nr. 41 -- Betreff / subject: Open in attachment.php or page?

Okay. I'm a bonehead. made the folders uploads & photozip. Works fine.

Is there an option to make the thumbs link to an attachment.php or page.php?

von / written by Jim - 30.09.2007 - 06:59:26

nr. 42 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Open in attachment.php or page?

I'm sorry that you have had such problems with this directory issue. I should expand the installation instructions with this point.

There is no option build in and it is not planned to build in an option to change the link target of the thumbnails.

But you can change the Javascript functions which make the HTML code for the post. These functions (4) are called codeerzeugen() and placed in the file manager_mce.php. Two of them produce the code for thumbnails with a link and two of them produce the code for embedding the original sized pictures. Have a look to the lines 1114 and 1299 if you want to change the scheme for the links of the thumbnails and to the lines 887 and 968 if you want to change the scheme of the code which place the original sized picture in the posts.

I hope this makes it a little bit easier for you. Maybe i can help you more if you would explain me why you want to change the links of the thumbnails.

Regards, Tim B.

von / written by Tim B. - 30.09.2007 - 22:56:42

nr. 43 -- Betreff / subject: [re:] Open in attachment.php or page?

Hey Tim.

I have a blog that has a lot of pictures, and I make money off the google ads. Obviously, the more google ads displayed, the more money. Therefore, I would want the thumbs liked to an "attachment.php" page rather than a lightbox effect or straight to the jpg.

von / written by Jim - 1.10.2007 - 02:11:29

nr. 44 -- Betreff / subject: Re: [re:] Open in attachment.php or page?

Hey Jim,
i understand a little bit better, now. But i think there is an other question: Has got this attachment.php file a static address? (everytime the same name?) If this is the case, you can change the lines 1114 and 1299 in the manager_mce.php file in this way:

mid_thumbs_html += '<a ' + gale + ' href="http://www.domainxyz.com/attachment.php" title="' + lightboxpictitle + '"><img src="'+photozip_base+'.thumbs2/'+photozip_images[i]+'" alt="' + lightboxpictitle + '" /></a>'+ linebreak;

(Please, use this code example without the \ signs.)
If you use this code then all thumbnail links leading everytime to http://www.domainxyz.com/attachment.php .

Another possibility is to change these lines like this:

mid_thumbs_html += '<a ' + gale + ' href="http://www.domainxyz.com/attachment.php?picaddress='+photozip_base+photozip_images[i]+ '" title="' + lightboxpictitle + '"><img src="'+photozip_base+'.thumbs2/'+photozip_images[i]+'" alt="' + lightboxpictitle + '" /></a>'+ linebreak;

In this example the thumbnail link leads everytime to the same attachment.php, too. But a PHP script in the attachment.php file could recieve the file name of the original sized picture of each thumbnail from the thumbnail link via the $_GET variable and use it in your context (maybe to open a popup window or something like that).
Instead of a link to a PHP script, it is possible to call a javascript function to process the picture file addresses, too. Such javascript function should be placed somewhere in the header of your weblog.
mid_thumbs_html += '<a ' + gale + ' href="javascript:process_link_function_name(\''+photozip_base+photozip_images[i]+ '\');" title="' + lightboxpictitle + '"><img src="'+photozip_base+'.thumbs2/'+photozip_images[i]+'" alt="' + lightboxpictitle + '" /></a>'+ linebreak;

photozip_base+photozip_images[i] contains everytime the complete address of a original sized image like: http://www.domainxyz.com/uploads/photozip/photosetname/example.jpg

I hope that brings you a step forward. Regards, Tim

von / written by Tim B. - 1.10.2007 - 14:36:44

nr. 45 -- Betreff / subject: Backup of Site


Love the plugin but I can't figure out how to backup my site. I wont download the thumbnails that are saved under some kind of ./tumb structure.

Do you know what I should use to be able to do this ?


von / written by Vincent Vanderveken - 8.01.2008 - 13:02:07

nr. 46 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Backup of Site

Hello Vincent,

the default upload folder of photozip is http://www.yourblogname.net/wp-content/uploads/photozip/ .
You can change that default or main upload folder (as you can see in the screenshot of window 1). But the folder will be every time inside the /wp-content/ folder of your weblog.

Photozip creates for every uploaded archive file a sub folder incide this main upload folder with the name of the archive file or an other free chooseable name. These sub folders are listed in window 1 of Photozip beneath the main upload folder. (They are called maybe like these: or .
Each of these sub folders of the main upload folder contains 3 sub folders called .thumbs1/, .thumbs2/ and .thumbs3/.

.htumbs1 contains the thumbnails for the preview in the Photozip windows. These thumbnails are not bigger than 150x150px
.thumbs2 contains the thumbnails for the posts. The size of these thumbnails is the thumbnail size which you have choosen.
.thumbs3 is only temporarily in use by Photozip.

So, if you want to backup the thumbnails then save the folders .thumbs1 and .thumbs2, too (or simply the main upload folder with all sub folders).

If you upload pictures or other files with the upload function of the original WP editor then the files are stored in /wp-content/uploads and sub folders which called by the actual year and month.

I use a unpublished WP plugin of mine to make backups of the files of my other (WordPress) weblog. With this plugin i can backup all files (or only some of them) to another server manually or scheduled (comparable to the FTP Plugin for WP Database Backup Plugin).
But sometimes i use a simple FTP program like the freeware version of FTP Commander or the FireFTP Addon for Mozilla Firefox.

I hope that have understood you in the right way and this is a little bit helpful for you.

von / written by Tim B. - 8.01.2008 - 20:15:03

nr. 47 -- Betreff / subject: Plugin Error


Thanks for the cool plugin. I haven't used it for some time but I'm now designing a couple of sites that it would be perfect on.

I have uploaded the files and activated the plugin. I have then gone on the post page and clicked on the photozip button. I've told it everything it needs and where the zip file is located.

When I think its just about to upload the images I get the following error.

Working on photo #1: image.jpg ...
Trying to find an embedded thumbnail.
Not enough memory to process this foto!
image.jpg was deleted on the server!

I only had 12 images in the zip file and it did this for every single one !

Do you know what this could be ?


von / written by Neil T - 17.11.2008 - 23:49:51

nr. 48 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Plugin Error

Hello Neil,

the PhotoZip Plugin tests the PHP limits upload_max_filesize and memory_limit, takes the lowest value of them compares it with the momentarily used memory (if available memory_get_usage or the default value 10MB ) plus the size of the unpacked size of an image (JPEG pictures are often compressed. But the methods in Photozip require to uncompress the picture to create thumbnails.).
Is the needed amount memory bigger than the available memory then that the image is to big to process (to big to create an thumbnail). In these cases the image files become deleted on the server by the plugin.

Please, have a look to the plugin description at the plugins page of your blog. There is a link ("check server config infos") to a special page of Photozip with a list of all the limits of your blogs server which are critical to Photozip.

If upload_max_filesize is smaller than 10 or 12 MB then you can try to change the line 255 in the file manager_mce.php from $limit = min($upload_max_filesize, $memory_limit); to $limit = $memory_limit;
I recommend this for all blogs where the upload_max_filesize is smaller than 10 or 12 MB and i'm going to take care of that in the next version of Photozip.

(Or if your are allowed to, try to increase the upload_max_filesize.)

Further you can simply try to upload pictures with a lower resolution or try to upload without making thumbnails (you can adjust that via the max. thumbnail size).

Is it possible (to upload and) to create a thumbnail of one of your 12 pictures with the default picture upload functionality of WP?

von / written by Tim B. - 24.11.2008 - 19:14:08

nr. 49 -- Betreff / subject: Error while uploading archive


I really loved your plugin and it's very useful.

But I'm getting error while uploading zip archive.

"Unable to run unzip. Probably unzip is not installed on your server or it is impossible to locate (e.g. if you run wordpress on a local test server on a MS Windows system)."

I've set all attributes for the upload folder to 777.

I'm using WP 2.9.2. My site URL is http://smilepanic.com

Waiting for your response.


von / written by Jeremy O'Sallivan - 17.05.2010 - 18:56:59

nr. 50 -- Betreff / subject: Re: Error while uploading archive

Hi Jeremy,

That error message says that is most likely not possible to execute unzip on the server of your blog and furthermore that it means that the zip libraries of PHP (http://www.php.net/manual/en/ref.zip.php) are not available on this server. In conclusion: it not possible for photozip to unpack the .zip-file on your server.

I'm relatively sure that WP 2.9.2 has nothing to with that. It is more likely that something on the server of your blog has changed. Because PhotoZip works on my test systems with WP 2.9.2 very good. But PhotoZip tries to unzip the .zip files via commandline execution (http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.exec.php) of the program unzip which is usually installed on Linux systems (and in case that fails it tries to use the zip-libraries of PHP). I can imagine that using this commandline execution is not always permitted.

Eventually it is still possible to upload .tar.gz or tar.bz2 files with PhotoZip to your blog. PhotoZip 0.7.1 can handle these files, too.

During the tests with WP 2.9.2 I have discovered some other problems which are fixed in PhotoZip 0.7.2 beta 1. You can maybe try this version but the error message you got will probably appear again. Since this message says that your problem probably is related to the server configuration and no bug of the plugin. 0.7.2 beta 1 contains an additional test on the server configuration check page. You can reach this page through a link in the plugins description on the plugins page of your blog. Beneath the sub header "Unzip Test" should be a list of parameters of the unzip program which is on your server. But if there is a warning or error message or nothing after "Unzip --help" exec() output:" then unzip is not available on your server.

von / written by Tim B. - 18.05.2010 - 00:26:48

nr. 51 -- Betreff / subject: Thanks

Thanks for your quick reply!

von / written by Jeremy O'Sallivan - 18.05.2010 - 08:10:42

nr. 52 -- Betreff / subject: v0.7.2 beta 1

Yesterday, I uploaded v0.7.2 beta 1. But I have made a mistake with the link which should have pointed to the file.

That is now fixed and you should be able to download the file.

von / written by Tim B. - 18.05.2010 - 10:22:54

nr. 53

Hi! Since we have updated to Wordpress 3.0, there is no more photozip-icon in the edit box :( How can we fix that?

You're not quite right about the media uploader - its still very usefull plugin! Yes, you can upload several images with media uploader, but its freaking difficult to insert the links for the uploaded images - you have to go back to the gallery and search for the file for each link again and again. So please (!!!) continue supporting this plugin!

Thank you

von / written by Roman - 21.06.2010 - 17:02:12

nr. 54 -- Betreff / subject: PhotoZip and WP 3.0

Hi Roman,

in the photozip.php file was an odd WP version check. I have fixed that and plugin seems to work with WP 3.0 too now.
But I have no time to make further tests at the moment.

As I have written if you have further questions or can point to specific problem which can be fixed quickly like this last one then I will try to help. But I do not continue the development of the plugin.


von / written by Tim B. - 21.06.2010 - 18:53:41

nr. 55

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